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Giraffes Blog (Y2)

Welcome to our blog!  We hope to share all the wonderful things we are learning about in Year 2.

Our Class Teacher is Mrs Russam and Miss Salmon on a Friday, our Teaching Assistant is Miss Jelliffe.  

Here is our exciting CURRICULUM MAP FOR 2020-21

If this bubble has to self-isolate or we have to go into a school lockdown, click the orange button below to access the appropriate remote learning.

Remote Learning - Y2

Spring Term 1 2021 - LOCKDOWN!


Have you made it outside today? It's rather chilly! Although if you do manage a walk there are some lovely ice patterns dotted around. Already we have work flowing in this week. It is the last week before the holidays and I know everybody is feeling very tired. You have done an amazing job with your home learning and fingers crossed we can be back together soon. 

Here are some very DISGUSTING sandwiches that were made last week along with some other super learning. Keep going Giraffe's we can do it!!






We've made it through another week, half term is in sight. You are all still working so hard with your learning. Is there anyone who is putting off doing it each day? I'm a bit like that at the moment. I have lots to do but am finding other jobs to do first!

Well done to everyone who has logged onto their PE account and great learning next week might get a 'Gem Certificate' keep an eye open!

Can you spot any of your learning below?






Remember we have class meet ups three times a week, come and share your work then, here was ours from Thursday!

Whizzy Wednesday


Thank you for all of the lovely work I have received or even been shown! It was great to see you at our class meet up and enjoy a game of bingo! I have another game ready for tomorrow if you would like to come along.

Here is just some of the work I have had since Monday. Keep up the good work! (You might notice that Casey did send me her work but also a picture of her beautiful birthday cake! It looks delicious!) It looks a lot tastier than Badger's disgusting sandwich!




Mad Monday

Today we started the small Teams meetings. These will take place on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday at 1.30. Just come along to any that you would like to. Today Sienna, Lacey and I played a game of "Would you rather..." It certainly got us thinking!

Here is us on screen!

Here is a lovely photo of Oscar and his learning. What a gorgeous smile!

Friday Fun!

Well, what started off as a horrible day seems to have got better, the sun has come out! I'm sure you will still find some lovely muddy puddles to splash in when you go out for your walk. 

It was so lovely to see so many of you on Wednesday at the Teams, next week we are putting on three slots for you to come along to. Try to choose one and don't forget a cuddly and a notebook and pen! You never know what we might be doing!

The learning since Wednesday has been amazing. I'm loving how you are using things you have at home to help you. Hollie has had a great time using sweets! Yummy! Alice has been working hard on her presentation as she would like her pen when we return to school and Jack has been working independently so his mummy can get on with her work. Well done you two!










Wet Wednesday

Where has all the snow gone? It has made a great big slushy mess where it has all melted. How disappointing! Although there is talk we could be getting some more!

You might find a bit of a theme to the photos today! There is an odd one out with Jesse-John's amazing White Horse sculpture he made. 






Magnificent Monday

What a difference a week makes. Normally I put pictures on the blog in the evening when Luke and Lois have gone to bed however, today I have had to do it at lunchtime due to the massive amounts of photos I have already received. I think the snow was exactly what we needed to lift our moods. See if you can spot your snowman or your sculpture. The children in school had a go with the ModRoc. Miss Jelliffe didn't like the mess!!













Fabulous Friday

The pictures that have come in this week from your sculpture making have been amazing! Anyone would think you had enjoyed it!! Some aren't quite finished yet but we can have a sneak peek into what they might look like. Casey managed to get the White Horse on hers!











Windy Wednesday!

Gosh it is very windy out there today. Some more super examples of home learning have been coming in. Thank you to everyone who has already been in contact this week. 

If we haven't heard from you then please do get in touch and send an example of your best piece of work so far!







Blue Monday!

Apparently today is supposed to be the grumpiest day of the year! I hope that isn't the case in your house!

Already my inbox is filling up with lots of lovely home learning. It would be great to hear from all of you this week. 






Jack has completed a super fact sheet about King Alfred. 

Fantastic Friday

Oh my goodness it has been such a busy day for emails! I have never had so many pictures to upload. You have been very busy.

Here is a selection of the work I have received. Can you spot yours?

If you are needing a new exercise book please contact the school office for this to be arranged.

Have a great weekend!









Wonderful Wednesday!

Hello lovely Giraffe Class.

Wow! SO many of you have been busy this week already. Remember please try and email me if I haven't heard from you. Would be great to see what you have been doing. Here is just a selection of the work I have been sent since Monday!






Magnificent Monday!



Happy Monday Giraffe class. Still missing you a lot, however this is being made better by all of your lovely emails and work you are producing. 

Have a look at some of the work already from this week. Some of it is the learning that we have asked you to do, other bits look very yummy!! 







Friday Update

Lots of you have sent in so much work this week it has been fantastic! The children who are part of the key worker bubble at school have been completing the same work as everyone at home. It is all fantastic.







More Lovely Work

Since Wednesday we have been emailed some lovely work, the pictures if King Alfred are amazing. 

See if you can spot some of your work!





Day 1 Work

Hello all you lovely Giraffes. How are you all? I would love to be seeing you all in person rather than through the Blog. I hope you all had a really lovely Christmas and managed to eat lots of chocolate! I certainly did!

Here are some examples of work we have had so far. Would be lovely to see some more. 





Autumn Term 2 2020

Clay Pots

This afternoon we had a wonderful time making and decorating clay pots. Using clay was one of the skills we missed out on in Year 1 so making and decorating candle holders was the perfect opportunity for us to practise moulding, shaping and decorating.







Santa Dash

On Friday we took part in the Santa Dash around the playground. We could walk, run, skip or jog. Luckily we were able to wear our festive clothes!!






Christmas Performance

11.12.20 This year’s Christmas performance has had to be different at WIS as with many other schools far and wide but we have made it as special as we can and the children’s faces show just how much they have enjoyed singing the songs and doing the actions. Although we can’t all be together in the hall, we have managed to make it just as special but in a different way. Today, all the children thoroughly enjoyed watching each other’s Christmas performance videos during our virtual celebration assembly.  We hope you enjoy watching them at home as much as we enjoyed making them for you.  Plus the beauty of this is that you can watch them over and over again!  Fantastic!

Sewing Puppets

We have spent a lovely few days making our own puppets. We had to design them, use a running stitch to sew round the edge. With some help we added the detail of eyes, a nose and a mouth. They are very bright and colourful.


After spending the week at home it was only fitting that when we returned to school that we let off a bit of steam! All those children that completed their home learning were able to use the large PE equipment for some fun! It was quite hard getting pictures as nobody would stay still long enough!

Home Learning Day 5

Did you have that Friday feeling? We are nearly there, one more day to go. I am so looking forward to seeing you all on Tuesday for our Science day. It is going to be fantastic! Lots of lovely work still coming in, keep it up. 

Home Learning Day 4

Wow! What a busy day you have all had. I think lots of you enjoyed researching you animals. There is a beautiful penguin and the most gorgeous giraffe. I also was lucky enough to be emailed the most wonderful story! What a busy class you are!

Home Learning Day 3 - Halfway!

Phew! We are officially halfway through. I have nearly heard from all of you now and it has been fantastic to see al of the work you are doing! Here are the photos from today!


Home Learning - Day 2

It has been another fantastic day of home learning from the wonderful Giraffe Class and so lovely to hear from so many of you. If you haven't dropped us an email with your learning it will be great to hear from you. 






Home Learning - Day 1

What a busy day it has been in the HQ of Year 2. We have recieved some fantastic emails with photos of your work. It has been lovely to hear from you all. Remember you do not need to print the work out, please copy it into your blue book. There are also tasks on Reading Eggs and Mathseeds.

We understand that it may have been quite daunting for some of you today and we really appreciate how amazing you have all been. Even completing just a little bit of the work helps enormously. 

Have a look at some of todays work....

Around the World

 We have continued our Geography topic by looking at naming the different oceans and finding out different facts about them. 


Budding Geographers!

We have been learning all about the seven continents and can even sing the most catchy tune to remember them! We have been researching different facts about the continents. 

Virtual Author Visit

This afternoon we had a virtual author visit by Natalie Pritchard. She read us the story about Daisy the Dolphin. The whole story was written in rhyme! If you go to www.seaschoolstories.com you will find some more of her work. 

Autumn Term 1 2020


This week we have been putting our computing skills to the test. We have been making eBooks all about the artist Georgia O'Keeffe. We had to plan the book, make the contents page and headings. We managed to take and insert photos, change the font and colour of the text. Some of us even manage to add our own voices!


This week we put all of the skills we have been practising to make our own pictures inspired by Georgia O'Keeffe. We used pastels to think about shading techniques and then added detail. They all look wonderful. 

Georgia O'Keeffe

For our art topic we have been looking at the artist Georgia O'Keeffe. We discovered that she is American and loved to paint natural objects. Everything she created was really BIG! We took our learning outside the classroom and went to find natural objects. Then we looked at them underneath magnifying glasses. Then we tried to recreate these images in our sketch books and experimented with different shading techniques to colour them in. 


Rosie's Visit

This week it was our turn to have a visit from Rosie Rockey. She comes to help us with our learning and if we are very good we can give her a treat!

Where in the world?

As part of our Geography we have been talking about hot and cold countries. We then looked at where they were in relation to the equator. During our lesson we used balloons to try and position the continents correctly. We had great fun!

Magical Maths

We have been working really hard with our maths work. Sometimes we have been using large number cards and numicon to help us. We also had to practise ordering our numbers using a blank number line. 

Computing and Music

This week we have been using the IPads to 'debug'. We have been programming a robot to move around the factory. The instructions had to be clear and correct or it would all go wrong! 

Then we have been keeping a steady beat in music lessons. We had to listen hard to keep in time!


Class Letter

As we were unable to hold the usual meet the teacher afternoon on Friday all the children took home a named letter with all the information about Giraffe Class.  In case you missed it you will find a copy below. 

Super Science and Magical Maths

We have had a really busy week in Giraffe Class. Last week we planted some cress seeds and put them in different places around the classroom. Some were allowed light and water and others had nothing! On Tuesday we looked at the results and recorded them in a table. The cress that had light and water grew 5cm!!

In Maths we have practised partitioning numbers and recognising at the value of each digit. We have used place value cards and base 10 to help us!

Skipping Workshop

Today we were really lucky to have a skipping workshop. We practised holding the rope and jumping forwards and backwards. We are going to see if we can improve through the year!

Welcome Back!

Welcome to Giraffe Class. The children have settled into the class and routines beautifully. Tonight the children bought home their reading book. They need to read these three times before changing them. 

This afternoon we started our Science and have been 'Learning Outside the Classroom' looking at different plants, leaves and flowers. 

Virtual Tour of Westbury Junior School

Miss Fox and Ms Jones thoroughly enjoyed seeing their new class for September 2020 today via Zoom.  During the session, they were promised  a virtual tour of the Westbury Junior School and here it is.  Monty certainly has lots of exciting adventures to share with the children.  Enjoy!

Singing Make a Wish Videos

Story Time with Mrs Russam & Miss Jelliffe




Junior School Bake Off!

I know that you have all had a lovely pack of activities arrive on your doorstep from the Junior School. One of your challenges was to bake something using a vegetable! Well, I had the most wonderful email from Ellis who baked cakes using beetroot! He didn't like the cakes very much. Here is a photograph of his creation. I would love to see more.

Back to School

We quite often talk about having a 'wobbly tummy' or just being grumpy and not knowing why. I've got that feeling right now. Tomorrow I am heading back into school and I'm not quite sure what to expect. This week we are welcoming a lot more children and I am going to be in Class 7. It's not going to be the same as I won't be with all my lovely Giraffe Class but I hope I can still have a good time anyway.

Please do send me some photos of what you've been up to, especially if you have been lucky enough to have had a paddling pool out.

Keep smiling and if you walk past school give me a wave!!


Rita has been out helping with the cows. She is braver than me as  I wouldn't have even got that close!



Home Learning

If like me you are running a little bit on empty I thought I would attach a picture I found which reassured me that not all learning had to be written down. 

After speaking to many of you last week, you all sound so cheerful and are doing an amazing job of keeping safe but keeping the home learning going in so many different ways. 

Rita took this on board by going on a very early cycle ride this morning with her brothers. 




A message from Mrs Russam and Miss Jelliffe

Lovely Lacey!

Miss Jelliffe and I had a lovely long chat with Lacey this week. She has been very busy doing lots of different learning. She also told us about the long hike she went on. Her mum kindly emailed some photos in for us.


Cycling Around

After speaking to Charlie yesterday his mum promised me some photographs of Charlie and the long bike rides he has been going on. They look fantastic!



Great British Bake Off!

I have been in school today and along with Miss Jelliffe we have spoken to lots of you on the phone. We still really miss you and it was wonderful to hear your voices. If we haven't managed to speak to you today we aim to do this before Friday so please don't panic!

When we spoke to Kori we disturbed his learning, he was making scones! He promised that he would send through some photos and here they are...




After our zoom maths lesson last week I have recieved some homework pictures. It's great to see, you can just bring them on Friday or please don't worry if you haven't managed it! I also have some great work from Aidan.

If you are reading this and would like to come along on Friday send me an email class3@westbury-inf.wilts.sch.uk and I can send you the link. 



Magical Maths

Thank you to everyone who joined us this morning. As it was the first meeting  I was a bit nervous and wasn't sure who was going to turn up! You guys are quite possibly THE BEST CLASS EVER!! Here are some photos of our maths lesson. See you all next week for some more, any requests just email me. Don't forget pens and paper!



The Best Day EVER!

Today has been quite possibly the best day of lockdown so far. I have managed to see some of you! This morning Miss Jelliffe and I managed 4 zoom calls and it was fantastic to see you all. Sorry if we were chatting for too long but it was just so wonderful to see a different face.

We are going to do a maths lesson on Friday. If you would like the link, please do drop me an email and I will forward it on to you. Do you think we can get the whole class???

Miss Jelliffe got a bit silly and look what happened when we were talking to Rita...


You may have seen from the Facebook page and newsletter that I will be giving you a ring (it will be in a couple of weeks as that is when I am next in school). If you would like contact sooner I am happy to set up a Zoom meeting with you. I have 3 sorted for tomorrow (Monday) these are my guinea pigs. If you would like one or even for me just to do a quick hello, please drop me an email to class3@westbuty-inf.wilts.sch.uk 

Would anyone like a class story on Friday? It will be biscuit Friday after all! 

Lots of Work!

I have received some lovely emails this week. Lots of you seem to be doing some lovely activities ranging from playing the piano, cooking, lovely long walks to metal work! 

While I have been in school, Miss New has made me do lots of art (you know it's not my favourite thing) Thankfully most of it has just been colouring in! If you are passing school on your daily walk, have a look at our new banner!

Here is Morgan with her art work and Rita completing her metalwork for the cows! Yes, she is still wearing her school uniform!


Shhhhhhh, It's quiet

Hello Everyone

I was in school today for the first time in a while. It should have been the first day of the new term and it was very strange in school. Really quiet.

Thankfully while we were outside playing on the trim trail Molly walked passed and it was so lovely to see her. Then my day got even better,  just as lunch started, I popped to get my eggs from Rita's doorstep to find a WANTED poster waiting for me. This was fantastic and put a huge smile on my face. I didn't think things could get any better but they did! I checked the class email to find some wonderful photos from Ellis. He's made a rainbow, dyed his hair red and had a great new bedroom. Sounds like he is having a great time. 



Paddington Station

Hi Giraffe Class

It's turned into rather a grey and horrible day today so we are having a sofa and film day. We might even have popcorn! I have discovered I have a huge crack in the windscreen of my car so I am waiting for the man to come and fix it for me!

Mr Russam has been driving the train all week to London. He said there aren't as many people as normal and he took some photographs to show how empty the station is. He even found the Paddington bench and he was having to stay 2 metres away from everyone as well so was feeling a little lonely! He has nobody to share his marmalade sandwiches with!

Next week I am going back into school and it is going to be very strange without you all there. 

Happy Easter

Hello Everyone

It's turned rather chilly today so we are spending some time inside doing arts and crafts. I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend and a visit from the Easter Bunny? We had 2 lovely eggs left on our doorstep and now they seem to have magically disappeared!

I hope you are enjoying storytime? Luke has been filming them and he is trying hard not to giggle. Ezme, it was lovely to see your mummy's comment on the Facebook page. I miss you lots! Christopher has mummy had her baby yet? 

Please remember to send me some of your photos and I can upload them onto the blog.


Keep Smiling 

Mrs Russam


Hello All!

I hope you have all been enjoying the sunshine (safely!!) I can't believe it has been nearly 3 weeks since I have seen some of you. I'm guessing you have all grown so much.

We have had a bit of a lazy few days. Lois has perfected riding her bike and is now practising stunts while Luke has been doing tricks on his scooter. He is a bit annoyed that his birthday party is having to be cancelled. I do hope those of you that have had birthdays have been able to enjoy them. 

Everyday we have been out on our daily walk and looking for rainbows. New ones pop up everyday. If you are managing some home learning, Mr Brewer has sent me a website that can help with your Science work. It has some lovely little videos. https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/subjects/z6svr82

Mrs Kerby has also set a PE challenge. That is on the website under the PE section. Can you beat your personal best?

Here are some photographs of my garden from earlier when Luke and Lois decided to get all their footballs out followed by a water fight!


Keep smiling

Mrs Russam x

Happy Days


I do hope you have managed to get out for a walk in this beautiful weather? We didn't make it yesterday. Instead the garden was turned into an obstacle course followed by a cricket pitch. Today we are going to be playing swing ball and if it gets warm enough hopefully a water fight!

It has been lovely to see and hear about all the things you have been up to. Don't forget to email either me or Mrs Newbury your photos and we can pop them onto the website. It's great that so many of you have completed the Reading Eggs and Mathseeds. All of your new home learning has been put onto the website now. Just do a little each day (if you feel like it). We have been a bit lazy here and made chocolate brownies instead. All of the weighing and reading was great learning. 

Here is one of the fabulous photographs I have been sent. Rita's rainbow looks fantastic. 

Working at Home

Good Morning!

Good morning everyone.

I hope you are still working hard at home? We have just finished our daily Joe Wicks and I am certainly feeling some muscles I didn't know I had!

It is good to see loads of you accessing the Reading Eggs and Mathseeds. I am setting you weekly challenges and I can see all those children who have completed them. Well done! Lois has been trying to get on the leaderboard for collecting the cones. Are you able to beat 43? This is her highest score. 

This week I have received some lovely emails from you. It's nice to hear what you have been up to and to see some of your photographs. If you would like to drop me a message, please do. Our class email is class3@westbury-inf.wilts.sch.uk.

Keep smiling and keep in touch.

Mrs Russam, Luke and Lois x

What a Strange Week!

Hello Giraffe Class!

It has been a very strange week being in school without you. The classroom has been very quiet. I hope you have had a productive week and have managed to do some of your home learning. I'm sure you are all doing a fantastic job. Are your rainbows up? Lois has made one for our living room window and Luke has put his up in his bedroom. 

I am keeping track of who is on Reading Eggs and Math Seeds. Tomorrow you will be receiving your first assignment (it is the first time I have set these so fingers crossed it works!). 

This afternoon I was cheered up by getting a lovely email from one of you with a gorgeous picture. Please do email as I'd love to hear what you have been up to. 

Keep smiling and I am thinking of all of you.

Mrs Russam x

Term 4

Tick Tock!

In Maths this week we are looking at telling the time on an analogue clock. When you are at home practise reading the time for o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. You could then go on to find an hour earlier or later than a specific time. 

Wonderful Westbury

We had the most fantastic time on Friday exploring our local area. We recreated the great battle and looked at how hard it would have been for the Vikings to defeat King Alfred. The children also looked at the local area and tried to spot their houses! When we returned to school they were inspired to create their own landscapes ready for Mod Roc this week. Apologies for the lack of photographs but we were having fun!



Mod Roc

As part of our art project this term we are investigating sculpture.  We have been using Mod Roc to cover paper to make different size sculptures. These will eventually become part of our White Horse landscapes. We had to dip strange bandages into water and smooth these over waterproof models. 

Year 2 Update!

We have a busy few week coming up, here is a quick update! If you have any other questions please do ask!

Thursday 12th March

Sports Relief – come dressed in sports/comfortable clothes and bring a donation.

Friday 13th March

School Trip

We will be leaving for a morning of walking and battles on the White Horse at around 9.15. We will return to school for a picnic lunch. Children need to wear school sweatshirts, comfortable trousers with appropriate footwear (welly boots are preferable)with a warm coat. It is anticipated we will be getting muddy due to the recent weather. Please provide some spare trousers and socks in a named bag to change into upon our return. Children will need a small backpack to take a drink and their mid-morning snack.


Friday 20th March

Mothering Sunday Assembly

Year 2 will be hosting their Mothering Sunday Assembly on Friday 20th March at 2.30pm in the school hall. It will be lovely to see you.

King Alfred's Visit!

This morning we had the most wonderful visit from the real King Alfred! He told us about how important he was to the local area and we had a go at the battle!!



Pancake Day!

This afternoon there have been some lovely smells drifting around school. Miss Jelliffe has been making and flipping pancakes. That was after the drama of setting off the fire alarm!

The pancakes were delicious especially with the lemon and sugar!




Term 3

Around the World - China

All of the children's work has been on display this afternoon in the hall. It has showcased a fantastic terms work. Thank you to all of the parents that came in to look at the exhibition. 



Following Instructions

As part of our instruction work we had to read and follow instructions to make a Chinese lantern. We will then be writing our own instructions using bossy words and adverbs. 

3D shapes

In maths this week we have started to look at 3D shapes. We started by using cocktail sticks to make them. We then used the 2D shapes to build them. 

Funky Panda

This afternoon we began to sew our panda hand puppets. We had to look at how to thread the needs and keep the stitches close together. It wasn't as easy as it looked!



Weekly Spellings

Next week we are looking at changing verbs into the past tense.

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3

cry - cries

fly - flies

tidy - tidies

carry - carries

cry - cries

tidy - tidies

hurry - hurries

carry - carries

reply - replies

cry - cries

hurry – hurried

reply – replied

carry – carried

worry – worried

apply – applied

deny – denied 


Chinese New Year

In English this week we have been looking at the Chinese New Year story. We made puppets to help us retell the story of the rat and the ox.

Food Tasting

As part of the learning in RE the children looked at the seder plate and the significance of the different foods. Today they had a go at tasting each part. There were some very interesting reactions!

Learning Outside the Classroom

This week in maths we have begun to look at 2D shapes. We began by using concrete apparatus to help us make the shapes and recognise their properties. We then went outside hunting!

Weekly Spellings

This week we are looking at the plurals of nouns. Children will be tested on both words!

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3

lolly - lollies

baby - babies

jelly - jellies

lorry - lorries

story - stories

lolly - lollies

baby - babies

jelly - jellies

puppy - puppies

story - stories

baby - babies

puppy - puppies

fairy - fairies

family - families

story - stories



This week we have been finishing off our mini topic using the book 'Wishbones'. The children have created their own folktale, created character descriptions and written their names in Chinese.



Chinese Dancing

We were really lucky this morning to welcome D into school. She was a specialist dance teacher and she taught us a Chinese dragon dance. 


Weekly Spellings

We are looking at the /igh/ sound at the end of words spelt using a /y/.

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3





















Doubles and Halves

In Maths this week have been using our multiplication and division skills to find doubles and halves of numbers. To help us we used a mirror!




This week we have been creating our own 'Wishbone' fish from the Chinese folk tale we have been reading. We then had a go at writing about our fish using amazing adjectives.




Weekly Spellings and Homework

Spelling and homework returns this week. The children have really embraced becoming geographers and have been looking at our local area, the 5 oceans of the world and significant landmarks of the seven continents. Please find below the spellings for this week. 

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3




















Can you help?

Part of our learning this term we are going to be making some simple panda faces. Are you free to help out on either Monday 3rd or Tuesday 4th February (or both!) to assist with threading needles from 1.15 till 3.00?

Term 2 2019

Christingles and Music Making

This afternoon the children had the experience of making a Christingle then enjoyed making Christmas music.

Gingerbread making

Along with practising for the Christmas production, the children have been busy preparing crafts to sell at the market. To fit with the Victorian theme, we looked at their traditions and have made gingerbread men and ladies. These will be on sale after our performance on Friday. 

Weekly Spellings

This is the last week of spellings and they will be tested on Thursday. It has been brilliant to see the effort the children have been putting in practising their spellings and this is shown through their writing. Even if they don't get them all correct we still do acknowledge how hard they have worked in preparing for the test. 

Group 1 Group 2 and 3


















Gingerbread Men

This week we have been looking at Victorian Christmas traditions. They decorated their trees with gingerbread men. We have used playdough to practise rolling and shaping the dough. 




Christmas Performance

All the children came home with a slip last week about their part in the Christmas performance. Please could all costumes be in school by FRIDAY 6th DECEMBER.

If you are having problems sourcing a costume please do pop in and we will be more than willing to give you a hand. 

Weekly Spellings and Homework

Due to the teacher training days next week the children will be coming home with two sets of spellings and two knowledge organisers this week. Both sets of spellings will be tested on FRIDAY 6th DECEMBER. Homework books do not need to be returned to school until after the training days. 

Spellings  - Week 1

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3


















Spellings - Week 2

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3



















Daisy Saves the Day!

This week we are looking at writing newspaper reports about Daisy saving everyone from the fire! We spent the morning looking at the structure of a newspaper and what it needs to include. 






Sevington School

We have had the most fantastic day living the life of a Victorian School child. From start to finish it has been a fantastic experience. The children really embraced the role-play and threw themselves into everything they were asked to do. Girls spent the morning making lavender bags whilst the boys made candles. All the children had a go at using proper ink pens and Benjamin was caught out this afternoon by Miss Squire stealing money and was punished. After lunch the children played on different sides of the lawn before saying prayers and shaking hands before leaving. There are just a snippet of the photos taken. 



Weekly Spellings

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3

















Welcome back to Term 2. This term we are looking at the life of the Victorians and Queen Victoria. We are focusing a lot of our learning around the book 'Daisy Saves the Day' and her experience as a maid. 

Term 1 2019

Term 1 2019

Parent Afternoon

A big thank you to all the parents that came in this afternoon for our big scrapheap challenge. It was lovely to hear the children talking about making their cars of the future and letting their imaginations run wild! We even had a car with a swimming pool on the side!

Your support is invaluable and the children had a wonderful time. 

Scrapheap Challenge

Tomorrow afternoon we are hosting our first parent event. This starts at 2.00 and it will be lovely to see as many parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles or siblings that can attend. 


This week EVERYONE has the same spellings. These will be tested after half term.

We are looking at the /gn/ sound when the /g/ is silent.









Material Testing!

We spent the afternoon thinking about the best material to make a car tyre. We wrapped different materials around a rock and scraped it along the floor 10 times.





We have spent this afternoon learning how to work together and the importance of following rules. We made our own games and learned to play them together.




Weekly Spellings

Here are the spellings for this week. The change in the children has been amazing. They are really using them in their independent writing. We will be looking at the silent /k/ sound.

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3



















Magical Maths

We have been spending some time this week working practically to ensure that our place value skills are really secure. We have been looking at adding multiples of 10 and we know that when this happens the 'ones' number never changes!

We used our Year 2 'tens frames' with 'sausages and baked beans' to have a go at showing how we found answers. Ask the children how they do it!

Weekly Spellings

It is wonderful to see the difference in the children and how well they are applying their spellings in everyday work.

This week we are looking at the s sound that is written as a c. 

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3




















Car Building!

It is only Tuesday and already we have had a very busy week. We spent Monday afternoon constructing our cars that we had designed. It wasn't as easy as it looked! We then went on to write instructions so that somebody else could build a car if needed. We brought together all of the skills we have been using in our English lessons. The results were amazing!

Weekly Spellings

The children have been working really hard on their spellings and it is shown through their independent writing. Please see below for this weeks spellings. 

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3


















Testing Cars!

Firstly, it is a huge thank you to you as parents. So many of you have embraced the homework this week and it certainly showed this afternoon when the children were tell me all about the components of the cars and their function. They were all using the correct vocabulary and could give me a really good definition of their job.

The children were set a question..."Does the thickness of a wheel affect how much it can carry?" They went about testing different wheels in different ways! It was great fun!

Then we moved on to looking at a programme on the iPads called "Fix my Factory." The children had to give instructions to a robot to make him move!





Haynes Motor Museum

The children have had a wonderful day exploring the motor museum and the volunteer guided were incredibly impressed with their knowledge about cars, especially Fords. The children behaved amazingly and were a credit to the school. These are just a selection of photos from our day!

Weekly Spellings and Homework

As we are on our trip tomorrow the homework and spelling books went out today. Some children are still forgetting to pop them in the box.

A huge thank you to those parents who took the time last week to look through the knowledge organiser and talk about the old cars and other forms of transport. We have certainly learnt some interesting facts about Henry Ford and his black cars!

Here are this weeks spellings. It's the /j/ sound but spelt with a /g/.

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3


















Magical Maths

We took our learning outside today and had a go at making our own numberlines. However, there was a problem, the numbers were missing! We had to put them back on!

Weekly Spellings

Please find the weekly spellings listed below. Remember spellings do not need to be written down. They can be practised while walking to school, in the car or at the tea table!

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3


















Another Busy Week!!

We have had another busy week in Giraffe Class. During maths we were practising partitioning numbers using different apparatus. We have been discussing transport and how it has changed. There are some pictures with some lovely writing below. Part of the homework this week to talk about why some of the transport is no longer used! We also had our first lesson with Alex from Superstars. We had to use teamwork to move around on the benches!

Keep practising those number bonds to 20, we will be reinforcing this during our mental maths sessions. We are already seeing a difference in lots of the children. 



Weekly Spellings

 The homework was sent home tonight with the spellings for the week. Please aim to practise over the weekend. Below are the spellings...

Group 1 Group 2  Group 3



















Topic Launch!

We have had the most wonderful afternoon launching our topic on 'Transport' by washing the cars for other members of staff.  We were also looking at, and naming the different parts of the car and trying to think about what they did. 


Welcome to Year 2!

Hello and a warm welcome to you and the children to Year 2. They have got off to a flying start and have really proved how willing they are to learn.  We have had a fabulous few days.

A few notes and dates for your diary.

  • Next Friday at 2.30 there is a meet the teacher session. Please do come in and say hello and find out how you can support your child through the year.
  • Home work is handed out on Friday and will be collected in the following Wednesday. It is expected that the children read AT LEAST 4 times a week or complete 'Reading Eggs'. Please record anytime you hear your child read in their reading record, there will be prizes through the year for children that are regular readers. 
  • Spellings are handed out on a Friday and can be found in the homework books. Please aim to practise these at least 4 times a week. They do not need to be recorded but can be typed, spoken or even written in mud or sand! If you are struggling to practise these please do pop in for some ideas on how to help.  Spellings will be put onto the blog each week. 
  • Our school trip takes place on Friday 20th September. We are visiting the Haynes Motor Museum to help explore our topic on 'Transport' and more specifically cars. It is a wonderful place to visit and we hope the children will get a lot of learning from it.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to pop into the classroom, the door is always open.

Mrs Russam and Miss Jelliffe



July 2019

W Fest!!

Due to the bad weather this morning the M Fest was sadly cancelled. We had some very upset and disappointed children which just wouldn't do so the Teachers and T.A's rallied together to organise a very impromptu W Fest. We had music, colouring, word searches, face paints, tattoos and circus skills. The children ended up having a wonderful afternoon full of fun and festivities. Just what they deserved after the very long term and the excellent effort they have put in this year.

















































































































































































Sports Day

We have had the most fantastic morning taking part in our last Sports 
Day. Everyone tried really hard and we were really supportive of everyone taking part. There weren't many photographs as we were trying to keep up with the races!




Shape Maths

We have spent the morning exploring the 2D shapes that are needed to make 3D shapes. We then had a go at making our own 3D shapes. We had to concentrate really hard!


Clay Work

We have been using clay to help us make 3D models. This week we practised using the clay to make coil pots. 



June 2019

Sports Afternoon.

This afternoon we had our final visit to the Junior School. The Year 3 children had organised a lot of fun sports activities for us to complete. 




Magical Maths!

We have been really lucky to have another visit from the teachers at the Junior school. On Friday we were challenged to make different pictures using a tangram. We had to think hard and follow the instructions.

After this we put our weighing skills to the test and practised balancing the scales carefully. 







What a lot of questions!

We have had a really busy week in Giraffe Class this week. We started off by linking our English work with topic and computing! We wrote as many questions as we could think of about animals from different countries then used the iPads to research our answers. Do you know what a group of kangaroos are called? Do penguins have legs? How long is a giraffe's neck? There were just some of our questions.

We then moved onto some fantastic art. We have been looking at how we can manipulate materials. We had to try and make our name, initials and a small structure that would stand up. It was really interesting how we could change a material!
















The (Wet) Wild Place Project in Bristol

Today, Y2 visited the sister project of Bristol Zoo - The Wild Place project in Bristol.  The persistent rain did not dampen the excitement of visiting this great zoo which enabled us to explore the habitats of a variety of animals from around the world by following various trails into the undergrowth.  We managed to see all the animals despite the wet weather.  Some were harder to spot than others as they had the sense to keep under shelter, but with a little patience and lots of opportunities to visit the viewing stations, our patience was rewarded with lots of interesting antics.  We were lucky to have the whole venue to ourselves which was great and the children thoroughly enjoyed our damp day.  It is certainly a super place to visit.






















May 2019

Pirate Party!

Thank you to all the parents who came to share our wonderful learning this afternoon. It was so lovely to see you all.

We had a great time making pirate flags with you then using our map skills to find the clues to spell out the name of that pesky pirate Blackbeard!

Car Challenge

This week we were set an extra special challenge by Mr Brewer. We had to design a car to travel in a straight line using a show box. There was so much to do and think about....the size of the box, making the holes for the wheels, measuring and cutting the axles, attaching the wheels, where to place the wheels and of course the all important decoration!


Boat Making!

As part of our topic we have had to design a new boat for Blackbeard. To start with we just drew a picture of a boat but now we know the names of all the different parts!

April 2019

Walk the Plank!

As part of our PE we have been trying really hard to balance. This is not only on one leg but balancing equipment on different parts of our bodies as well! This afternoon Blackbeard left a lot of treasure (beanbags, cones and quoits) in the hall and we had to get it back to our treasure chests by balancing on the plank (a skipping rope!) We had great fun with different balances.

Then as part of our music we have been learning 'The Friendship Song' and today we used glokenspiels to accompany the music. We had to concentrate and keep in time!

Have a look at some of our learning!


Since our trip to The Matthew we have been very busy! We have spent a lot of time researching Blackbeard the Pirate and looking at his appearance, personality and why he was famous.

He wasn't a very nice pirate and he once shot his friend in the knee...just for fun! We were asked by the British Navy to make Wanted posters to help them capture Blackbeard. Some of our rewards were a huge £15!


The Matthew!

On Friday we had the most wonderful visit to The Matthew in Bristol to help us with our topic on pirates and especially Blackbeard. We had a great time exploring the boat and then had fun looking around M Shed. 

Everybody commented on how wonderful we looked as we were dressed up as pirates!



March 2019

Ugly Bug Ball

What a wonderful end of term event we had in year two! Thank you again to all of the grown ups who came along and joined in- we hope you had a lovely time.

We were all busy in the morning using our ugly bug designs to create healthy snacks that looked like creepy crawlies. We were so excited to try them in the afternoon although some combinations (celery and peanut butter) weren't too popular!

We also spent time decorating some plant pots that we planted some pansies and violas in. Don't forget to water your flowers regularly and give them lots of sunlight so that they can fully bloom.





























Super Shape Sorting

In Maths, we have been learning about the properties of 2D shapes.  We have been practising counting the sides and vertices, finding lines of symmetry and reasoning about equal sides. Today, we took advantage of the sunshine and went outside to use Venn Diagrams to sort a selection of 2D shapes. We had to think carefully about which shapes to place in the intersection and which shapes would not fit in the diagram at all.




Marvellous Multisports

Yesterday, year two were lucky enough to be invited to Matravers School to participate in a multisports festival.

We were joined by children from other schools in Westbury and in our teams, we took part in a variety of games that some Matravers pupils had designed especially for us. There were tag games, ball games, bean bag games and obstacle courses to name a few and we had a great time learning some new skills! We can't wait to try out some of the games back at school in our PE sessions and on the playground.



Whatever the Weather

In Geography we have been learning about weather patterns and how seasonal changes affect the weather that we observe in the Springtime. This week has been a very interesting week of weather with a mixture of sunshine, rain and of course Storm Gareth!

We learned about the different weather symbols and watched some real weather reports to help us with the vocabulary we should use.

We went outside and observed the weather - luckily the sun was shining and Storm Gareth hadn't got to us yet! Once we had written about the weather in detail, we presented our reports to the class using our clear speaking voices.

Wonderful World Book Day

Yesterday, Westbury Infant School celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as our favourite books characters- there were some fantastic costumes on show!

We were very lucky to have a visit from the author and illustrator, Mike Brownlow who is well known for writing 'Ten Little Superheroes', 'Ten Little Pirates' and many more stories.

We joined in with a special workshop where we listened to some of his stories and used actions to retell them. We then listened carefully to some step by step instructions to help us to draw our own little pirate and a little robot. There were some fantastic illustrators in Giraffe Class.

Thank you again to all of the parents who made and bought some wonderful costumes- the children really enjoyed showing them off!









This is not a passionfruit...

This week we read the book, 'I Will Not Ever Never Eat A Tomato' by Lauren Child. In the story, Charlie tricks his sister Lola into eating lots of vegetables by using metaphors to describe them.

We explored the inside and outside of passionfruit and tried to think of lots of interesting expanded noun phrases, similes, metaphors and synonyms to describe the fruit.

Have a read of some of our fantastic descriptive poetry.




Water, water everywhere!

Today, we were very lucky to have a visit from Mrs Smith who works at Wessex Water. She taught us all about the water cycle and how the sun evaporates water from the sea to create rain clouds. This process means that there is always clean water available for us.

We created our own water cycles before moving on to thinking about the different ways that we use water. We finished by creating our own paper lilies and testing them in a water tray. We found out that the ink flowers left a coloured trail in the water and this made us think about how plants might use water to grow.



Perfect Pancakes

Today was Shrove Tuesday so Giraffe Class celebrated by making their very own delicious pancakes.

We started off by reading and correctly ordering a set of instructions (luckily we have studied instructions in English!) and we used these to work as a team and make the pancake batter.

Then we helped Mrs Parker to cook the batter and flip the pancakes- it was a very tricky job.

Finally we were able to chop up some yummy fruit and add the toppings of our choice before enjoying our very tasty pancakes!



Grow Your Own Topic Launch

Giraffes have had a fantastic, active day exploring our new topic ' Grow Your Own'.

We were very lucky to have a visit from Gemma from the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust who taught us all about composting and how important it is to reuse and recycle to look after the environment.

We got our hands mucky when we searched through some ready made compost to find out what items we use to make it. Did you know that insects have to eat and excrete our waste to make compost?

Then we played a game to test our knowledge of the materials that we can recycle, compost and send to landfill.

We finished off this activity by creating our own compost holders in pairs. We are going to add to these over the term and then hopefully we can create some compost suitable to plant some seeds in!



We finished off our morning by having a minibeast hunt in our very own Wild Area. We used magnifying glasses and collection pots to find and examine a range of little creatures. We were also very proud to show Gemma our huge composting bin that we use in school.


 February 2019

We are 'Masterchefs'!

We have been busy tasting and review different foods from China this term and we have enjoyed trying lots of new Asian flavours. This week we looked at how to make spring rolls and carefully designed our own recipe using a selection of colourful, healthy ingredients.

We then used our instructions to make a variety of spring rolls ready to share at our Around the World Exhibition on Friday. We practised our chopping, mixing and rolling skills as part of a team and we are incredibly happy with the results.

Now, all that's left to do is eat them!




Interesting Instructions

This week in our English, we have been learning about to write clear and detailed instructions. We thought about when we might use instructions and looked at the features that they might include such as imperative verbs, adverbs, numbers and time connectives.

We then watched an adult make some Asian sweets and made notes to help us write our own sets of instructions.  Have a look at some of our amazing writing!


Then, it was time to test and evaluate our instructions. We worked as a team to follow the steps carefully and made our own bath of delicious Asian sweets.


January 2019


We have been finding out lots of information about China this term and we are particularly excited to be finding out about one of China's most popular animals- the Panda!

We practised our note taking skills by reading information about pandas and then choosing the most important parts to jot down on our sticky notes. we then had to make sure we placed the post it notes under the correct sub-heading around the classroom.

We are going to use all of this information to create our own information leaflets about Pandas- stay tuned to see some of wonderful writing once it is completed!



Art Attack - Any Warhol Style!


Over the past three weeks, with Mrs Newbury, we have learnt about Andy Warhol, his techniques, style and art.  We have also learnt how to draw our portrait (or any face) by drawing to some very important rules - we love the way they have turned out.  We drew our features and then went over them with a black felt tip pen, colouring in certain parts to make them stand out.  Mrs Newbury then scanned them into her computer and copied them four times to make a four portrait picture which we then painted using Brusho.  It was very detailed and by mixing the paint powder with a little water we could get strong or weaker colours. 

 Our original portraits were A4 size and we used oil pastels to make them big and bold - just like Andy Warhol did.  It was fun choosing the bright colours that clashed and stood out. 


By taking our time to colour carefully, we kept all the features visible.  We are really proud of them and would like to share them with you.


Globe Trotting Giraffes

This week, we have really been getting excited by our new topic- China. We spent some time finding out about homes in China and how they differ from the homes that we live in in the United Kingdom.

Did you know that the population of China is over 1 billion? This means that there is not much room to build new houses for the growing population so people often live in very high blocks of flats. We also looked at some alternative homes that exist in China including a flat pack hurricane proof home. We think we prefer our own lovely houses!

Have a look at some of our amazing writing about the homes that we investigated.



We have also been having a go at doing some writing in Chinese. We realised that the Chinese alphabet is very different to ours and rather than representing a single letter, each symbol represents a syllable or part of a word.

Getting Our Groove On

We were very lucky to have a visit from Holly, a dance instructor, to teach us a traditional Chinese dance. We worked hard to listen to the step by step instructions with our partenr and copy the moves. We are going to keep practising the dance in our PE lessons ready for a final performance at the end of term.

Happy New Year!

Giraffe Class have had a very busy first week back after a wonderful Christmas break. In English we have been reading the story of 'Prince Cinders' which is a twist on the traditional fairy-tale Cinderella. The story is about a young Prince who has three horrid, hairy brothers that never allow him to go to any of their parties. A clumsy fairy comes to his rescue but his wishes don't exactly come true!

We have been working hard to make our writing detailed and interesting and this week we have been writing/ editing our own extended sentences about the story.  We needed to include correct punctuation, a range of punctuation and lots of noun phrases to tell the story in detail.

Have a read of these wonderful examples!

December 2018

The Great Giraffe Bake Off

Today, we had a great time in year two baking some delicious gingerbread cookies ready for our Christmas Market. We had to work as a team to read and follow the instructions carefully.

We chose one person in the team at a time to read the instruction to the group and then the rest of the group made sure that we had the correct ingredients and equipment to complete the step.

We got stuck in mixing the ingredients, we even had to use our fingertips to do some of it! It got a little bit sticky at times but we ha great fun and can't wait to taste them.

Santa's On His Way!

We are so excited for Christmas already and there is a real buzz around the school. As well as practising our acting, singing and dancing ready for the Christmas Performance, Year 2 have also been getting creative to make some amazing stockings.

We designed our stockings carefully, choosing the shapes, colours and textures that we wanted to use. We then used our design and some very precise needlework to sew our stockings together and they are all ready to be filled with surprises!

Remember to come along to the Christmas Fair after our performance on Friday (14th December), where you can buy your stocking and hang it up in time for Santa.


November 2018

Going Experi-mental!

After a busy week of planning our experiment to test for the best material to make Mr Muddle's umbrella, we finally got the chance to complete the investigation.

We gathered up the equipment that we had listed and carefully followed the instructions written in our methods to test six materials. We had to make sure that we were conducting a fair test by measuring the water carefully and timing for 1 minute before making a judgement.

We recorded our results as a class and used these to make a conclusion about the best material for an umbrella- which one would you choose?

Getting Creative

This afternoon, we were very lucky to have the lovely Miss Airey join us for an afternoon of art. We looked at some existing pieces of art and discussed how the artists had been creative with their ideas. We realised that creativity is about coming up with new and interesting ideas that might be a bit unusual.

We got our creative hats on and made our own design to hang on the tree. We thought about shapes, colour and our interests to help us with our designs. We then had to write a tag to explain what we thought we had done to be creative. Have a look at our wonderfully creative tree that is now in our library!

Super Scientists

Today, year two launched their science based topic 'Mr Men' with an enormous bang!  We travelled all the way to Bristol to visit We the Curious and we had an amazing time exploring all of the science exhibits- there were 300 in total for us to enjoy.

We explored sound, forces, the human body and nature but we were looking in particular for exhibits that focused on materials and their properties. We found out about magnetic materials, materials that float and also how materials can change when given different types of energy. We are so excited to find out more about materials this coming term!

Thanks to our fundraising efforts, we were also lucky enough to visit the planetarium where we took a journey through outer space. We were mesmerised by the sun, moon and stars that filled the planetarium and we even got to visit Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Venus on our travels.


Welcome to Term 2

This term our topic is the Mr Men and in science we will be focusing on materials. To launch this exciting topic, we spent an afternoon exploring real materials and shared what we know already about them and what we would like to find out.  We took the opportunity to record ourselves describing the different types of materials. Click play below to listen to our excellent science discussion:


October 2018

Topic Celebration

Thank you to all of the parents and relatives who joined us today for our end of topic celebration. The children had a fantastic time rounding off our 'Wonderful Westbury' topic with games, code breakers and artwork. We hope that enjoyed finding out about all of the amazing learning that we have been doing this term.


Westbury Visitor Centre

Year Two were very lucky to have a visitor from Westbury Visitor Centre this afternoon. Liz came in and told us lots about how Westbury has changed over time and she had lots of old images of some of the buildings that we have been studying. She even had a photo of herself when she was at the old Westbury Infants.

As well as answering lots of our own questions, Liz was very impressed by how much we already knew about the history of Westbury and particularly our knowledge of Abraham Laverton. It is clear that the year twos have really enjoyed our historical theme this term- well done everyone!


Our Wonderful New Library

We have been busy celebrating the opening of our brand new library this week. Mrs Rylands and her team have been very busy over the holidays to make our library come to life and we cannot wait to spend more time in there relaxing and reading.

On Wednesday we were visited by the author, Eileen Brown who we know wrote one of favourite books 'Handa's Surprise'. We watched her cut the ribbon to officially open the library  and had a little look around.

On Thursday, Giraffe Class spent some more time in the library enjoying the comfy places to sit (our favourite was the tree house) and having a look at some of our favourite stories.

Tour of Westbury

On Tuesday afternoon, year two had a lovely, sunny walk around Westbury. We have been talking lots about the different buildings and landmarks in Westbury and how they have changed over time. We used our scavenger hunt list to find all the pictures of the buildings and then we tried to name them. Then we found out a little bit more about the history of each building- did you know that Westbury Library was a house until 1970?

We have also been learning about Mr Laverton and how he helped the people of Westbury hundreds of years ago. We stopped off at the Angel Mill on our travels (it is all flats now) and found out about the work that Mr Laverton did.

We are looking forward to showing you all of our fantastic facts at our Tourist Information centre on Tuesday 23rd October for our parent event :)


 Another Busy Month Begins

We finished off September with a lovely visit from The Life Bus and Harold the Giraffe (he felt right at home in our class!). We learned all about how to stay healthy with diet and exercise but we also talked a lot about how to look after each other's feelings. We helped Harold to solve some friendship problems and thought about how to spot how someone is feeling.

We have started October with a bit of Local History. We have been looking at old photos of Westbury and thinking about how the town has changed. We were surprised to find out that Westbury Pool used to have a diving board - we would love it if that could return. Next week, we are going on a walk around Westbury to see if we can spot some of the different buildings that we described in our History lesson.

If you have any old photos of Westbury at home, we would love to have a look!


September 2018

Welcome to Giraffe Class

We have had a fantastic first week in Giraffe Class and we are looking forward to an amazing year together.

We have spent some time learning about our class animal using non-fiction texts- did you know that Giraffes have the same number of vertebrae as humans even though their necks are much longer than ours! The children have produced some wonderful fact files that are already on display in our class. We have also produced some Picasso style artwork using shapes, lines and coloured pastels and paints. We have created the most funky giraffe pictures.

I hope that you can make it to the Meet the Teacher afternoon this Friday at 2.30pm where you can have a look at some of this week's super learning!

Wet and Windy White Horse

On Friday, year 2 made an intrepid journey up to the top of the White Horse. Despite the wet and windy conditions, we still managed to do a bit of landscape sketching from a bird's eye view and found some items from our Autumn scavenger hunt (before our sheets blew away!).

After battling the elements, we came back to school for a picnic lunch and flew the kites that we had made on the playground- the wind came in handy in the end! Pictures to follow :)

We are looking forward to learning lots more about our local area and how it is changed over time.


Author Visit to Year 2

Today has been really exciting as we had a real author in school reading us stories from her book.  Karin Celestine writes books with themes of kindness and trust where she creates felt characters and then takes them out to the countryside where she takes photos of them to illustrate her stories.  She brought in a range of the characters she has made o show the children.  We all then made paper boats which we will take home to decorate and test in the bath.