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Y2 Remote Learning Page

If the whole year group is required to learn remotely for any reason e.g. COVID-19 lockdown or extreme weather forces site to close, this is where you will find remote learning for your child.


In the event of remote learning being activated, you can email us with any questions or concerns, or use the TAWK instant chat app which you can see in the bottom right corner of the page. We will get back to you as soon as we can between the hours of 9am and 3:05pm.

Ladybird Class email - Mrs Harper: class5@westbury-inf.wilts.sch.uk

Beetle Class email - Mrs Jeffery: class3@westbury-inf.wilts.sch.uk

Firefly Class email - Mrs Russam: class2@westbury-inf.wilts.sch.uk

We would also love to see and celebrate any completed work so please do email this to us and we can add it to our class blog. Keep your work together in your blue books to bring into school once we return.

Wednesday 8th March

Good Morning Year 2!


Who would have thought we would be here again! It‘s just like old times!

Here is your learning for today.


  • - Miss Hillier, Mrs Airey, Mrs Fitz-Henry Roe’s Groups





  • - Miss McVeigh, Mrs Channon, Miss McMillan’s Groups





  • - Mrs Jeffery and Mrs Russam’s Groups




After you have watched the video, choose 4 of the words and put them into a sentence.


After you have played in the snow, come inside and warm up! Can you write an acrostic poem about the winter, snow or cold? Here is an example.

 It's Winter! Let's Write a SNOW Poem! | Winter poems, Snow poems, Acrostic  poem examples


In maths today, we would have been carrying on out learning about length. Go outside (if you want to) and build three different size snowmen, snow balls or even snow angels. Can you order them from the biggest to smallest? If a grown up has a tape measure, are you able to measure how long they are? Or if it is too cold, are you able to find some string, wool or strips of paper and measure the different parts of your body? Which is the longest and shortest? Can you order them?

e.g. Measure...

- round your wrist

- round your wait

- the length of your arm

- the length of your leg

- round your head.

Can you do this on some people you have at home? Remember to ask first!

When you have finished, watch the video about the ten times table. Are you able to write down as many facts as you can? Are you able to show off any put any into a bar model, part/whole model or a fact family?



It seems a bit strange to be writing this on a snow day but using our topic of Henri Rousseau are you able to make a jungle scene? It could be a snow jungle!

You might want to make a collage or use whatever you have at home. This could be jungle animals, lego or even snow!


This is one of my favourite stories. I hope you enjoy it to!


If you have any problems through the day or you have any question, please do use the class email (found at the top of the page) or chat facility on the website. 


From the Year 2 Team 

Friday 18th February 2022

Here comes the wind!

Good morning Year Twos. Today is going to be a really windy day, so to keep us all safe Mrs Budge has closed the school. Luckily we are all super brilliant at home learning now!

Before we get started let's wake up those bodies and brains...


RWI and English


3D Shapes

Well done Year Two! Lots of busy learning this morning. Enjoy a yummy lunch before we dive into our afternoon of learning.


It can be hard when things change or when the world around us is noisy to stop and let our minds focus. Let's start our afternoon with a chance to sit quietly...

Design Technology

Being healthy

Well done Year Two! Another busy day of home learning finished. Have an amazing half term holiday. We are already looking forward to all the wonderful learning we have planned for next term!

Before you go, let's share a story. Today we have chosen Eat Your Greens Goldilocks. We thought it fitted in really well with our Design Technology but also shows how you can change a story you know really well to make a new one. We hope you enjoy it!



Friday 9th July - Remote Learning 

Welcome to the last day of home learning. We absolutely cannot wait for next week when we will all be back together again at school! 

It will be lovely to see lots of you in the whole school assembly at 2.30. 

Have a great day of learning and playing, and have a wonderful weekend. 

Miss Salmon, Miss Jelliffe, Mrs Rockey, Mrs Channon, Mrs Maloney and Rosie the dog! 


RWI - Miss Jelliffe's group



Today you will continue looking at the book Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain. This time you will try your hand at some poetry and create some verses with rhymes in the style of the book. 


Mental Maths

Let's get warmed up with some mental maths. Make some number cards from 0-9. Lay them upside down on the floor. Turn 2 cards over to make a 2 digit number. Say what is 10 more than the number and what is 10 less than the number. 



10 more than 57 is 67. 

10 less than 57 is 47. 

Then turn the cards over and choose 2 more. Keep going and see how many numbers you can make. 


In Maths you will be recapping fractions. 

Remember that a half is the same as 2 quarters. 

You will also need to remember that to work out 3 quarters, you must first work out 1 quarter (by sharing into 4 groups) and then multiplying the answer by 3. 



In Art today, you will be designing your own symbol in the style of Adrinka African symbols. You can caption your symbol with the meaning or a saying to accompany it (eg sharing is caring). 


Story Time

Well done everyone for making it to the end of our home learning for this isolation period. One more day and you can enjoy some time out and about (Sunday). 

We hope you enjoy this story! This is the story of an ordinary boy on an ordinary morning going to an ordinary school...until he meets an extraordinary teacher, called Mr Gee. Mr Gee changes everything and suddenly the boy's world comes alive through the power of imagination. This is an uplifting story about imagination and about the difference a teacher can make.



It's Coming Home! 

Tomorrow (Friday 9th July) at 2.30pm there will be a whole school remote assembly, led by Mrs Budge. Please dress in (or bring along) something red, white and blue to celebrate England making it to the final of the Euros! 



The link to the special assembly will be emailed to you tomorrow. We hope to see as many of you there as possible!

Thursday 8th July - Remote Learning 

Good morning Year 2s!

Well done to everyone who attended the Assembly with our special Paraolympian guest, Sophie Carragill!  We hope that you felt inspired listening to her. We certainly did!

If there are any more pictures of your virtual sports day then please send them in with how many events you managed to take part in and you will get a certificate based on how many events you took part in! 

We hope that you enjoy today's remote learning tasks. We will be starting a brand new art topic, which is exciting!

Have a wonderful day and keep working hard- you are doing really well.

From The Year 2 Team :-)

English /docs/Thursday_Eng.pdf

Read, Write, Inc /docs/RWI_Thurs_8th.pdf

These activities are for Miss Jelliffe's group only.

Maths Introduction /docs/maths_video_link_sharing_into_equal_groups.pdf

Today we are going to be practising sharing into equal groups. Work through the video first to help you remember how we did this in school.

Maths Activity /docs/maths_worksheet_equal_groups.pdf


Welcome to the afternoon!

Let's start by making sure our heads are ready for learning with some Yoga!



Welcome to a brand new Art topic about a special style of African Art called Adinkra patterns. We will be carrying on this topic when we are back in school next week.

Take some time to look at your new knowledge organiser below- and then work through the activities:

Art Knowledge Organiser /docs/TOPIC-_Art_Knowledge_Organiser.pdf

Art Introduction /docs/TOPIC_-_art_powerpoint.pdf

Work through the information to find out a little more about Adinkra patterns. 

Art Activity /docs/TOPIC-_Art_Thurs_8th.pdf


This afternoon we would like you to practise one of the songs that you will be singing at our Graduation Assembly. We will keep the other songs a big surprise for now!




Well done! You have completed another successful day of home learning. Now sit back, relax and enjoy a story :-) Today's story is called 'The Paper Dolls' and is written by one of our favourite authors, Julia Donaldson. Do you know any other stories that she has written?

We hope that you enjoy listening to it.



Wednesday 7th July- Remote Learning

Good morning Zebras and Giraffes,

Today is going to be a very exciting day!

Welcome to our very own Westbury Infant School Virtual Sports Day!

Although we should have been enjoying our races together in school this afternoon, fear not! We have worked hard to put together a virtual Sports Day that you can complete at home. We would love to see some photographs please! 

We have planned in the Sports Day activities for this afternoon (the time it would have taken place if you had been in school), so you will be able to complete your other remote learning tasks as normal.

Also, this morning we have our very special assembly with Olympian Sophie Carrigill. We hope that you will be able to join us at 9.30am. If you have not received the email link for the assembly, please do get in touch as soon as possible so that we can send you the link within plenty of time.

We hope that you have a wonderful day!

From The Year 2 Team :-)

9.30am-10am- Special Assembly

Please join us at 9.30am to meet Olympian Sophie Carrigill. 

Polite reminder: Please ensure that an adult is with you for the duration of the assembly.

Please also remember to join the assembly with your microphone muted.

Yesterday, you thought of some questions to ask Sophie, so please have these ready and there will be a designated opportunity in the assembly for you to unmute yourself and ask your fantastic questions!

English /docs/Wednesday_Eng.pdf

Today, we will be listening to a new story called 'Bringing the Rain to Kapiti Plain'. This is another wonderful story set in Kenya. We hope that you enjoy it and the activities we have set for you.

Read, Write Inc /docs/RWI_Wed_7th.pdf

These activities are to be completed by Miss Jelliffe's group only.

Mental Maths

Please warm up your Maths brain by answering the questions below as quickly as you possibly can. Remember, we are trying to practise our 'quick Maths' skills. What are the totals?

five 2s                         twelve 5s

six 10s                         twelve 10s

eight 5s                       zero 5s

nine 2s                         six 2s

seven 10s                    ten 10s

eleven 2s                     one 5

four 5s                        eleven 5s

Maths Introduction /docs/maths_video_link_array.pdf

Work through the video to help you understand your learning today. We are going to be practising using arrays.

Maths Activity /docs/maths_activity_arrays.pdf

Complete the activity sheets provided.

Welcome to the afternoon!

To begin our afternoon of sporting fun, we need to get our minds in the right zone! Have a go at the Cosmic Kids yoga activities in the video below:

Virtual Sports Day/docs/Sports_day_virtual_2021__1_.pdf

Welcome to our Westbury Infant School Virtual Sports Day!

We hope that you enjoy the different challenges that we have planned for you. 

We would love to see some photographs of your efforts! Remember, the most important skills are trying your best and having a go!

Topic /docs/TOPIC_Wed_7th.pdf

We thought that after all your physical exercise today, we would end the afternoon with something a little calmer. Click on the link to find out about the activity we have planned for you to end our Kenya topic :-)

Story Time

Wow- you made it! 

What a busy, exciting and fun-packed day we have had, full of varied learning opportunities.

Now it is time to stop, rest, relax and snuggle up for today's story. We have heard that the Year 1 children absolutely loved this story yesterday. It is actually written by another Olympian- gold medalist Mo Farrah! The story focuses on achieving your goals and personal bests. We thought it was a fitting end to today. We hope that you enjoy it :-)

Tuesday 6th July- Remote Learning

Hello Zebras and Giraffes!

Well done for completing your home learning tasks yesterday. We were so pleased to see so many of you at our class assemblies and it was wonderful to hear your news.

Today's remote learning is set out below in the usual format. As always, if you have any questions at all, please do get in touch via the class email/ Tawk.

Have a wonderful day !

From the Year 2 Team :-) 

English /docs/Tuesday_English_.pdf

Today, you will be enjoying a new story called 'Lila and the Secret of the Rain'. It links beautifully with our Kenya topic, so we hope that it helps you to find out even more about what it is like to live in Africa.

Read, Write Inc /docs/RWI_Tues_6th.pdf


Mental Maths

In order to get your Maths brains warmed up today, we would like you to practise counting forwards and backwards in 2s, 5s and 10s. Chant the numbers out loud. Do you notice anything special about the numbers you are saying?

If you need to look at the number square to do so, that is fine. 

For an extra challenge, can you count out loud in 3s or 4s? Counting backwards in 3s and 4s is even more tricky. Give it a try!

Maths Introduction /docs/maths_video_TUES.pdf

Today, we are going to be subtracting numbers.  Work through the lesson slides first.

Maths Activity /docs/Maths_worksheet_subtraction.pdf


Time for lunch!

Enjoy a well deserved lunch stop!

Afternoon- time to relax our bodies 

Before you begin your afternoon work, let's relax our bodies and clear our minds. We hope you enjoy taking part in this Cosmin Kids  yoga video:

Afternoon work: Olympian Visit 

 Story Time

Let's end the afternoon with another lovely story. This story is called 'Arnie the Doughnut' and it is read by Chris O'Dowd.

Arnie looks like a regular chocolate doughnut covered in sprinkles, but he is not happy. He wants to change his fate and the future of all doughnuts.

Arnie knows that if you want something badly enough, you can make it happen! 

Sit back, relax, snuggle up and enjoy! 



Monday 5th July- Remote Learning

Good morning Year 2s,

We hope that you have had a lovely, restful weekend and you are managing to stay safe and well. Welcome to another day of remote learning. We hope that you enjoy the activities we have chosen for you- but, as always, if you have any difficulties at all please do not hesitate to get in touch with us by emailing us or using the Tawk chat facility. 





We are very much hoping to see lots of you at our class assembly today, which will be at 1pm. Please follow the link that was emailed to you last week.

Finally, remember to email the school office if you would like your pasta delivered (unfortunately, this was left our of the food bags by mistake last week.) 

Have a great day everyone. We are looking forward to seeing some photographs of your fantastic home learning.

From the Year 2 Team :-) 

English and Read, Write, Inc

Please click on the English links below to access today's activities.

Miss Jelliffe's group, you will only need to complete the Read, Write, Inc task.


English PowerPoint /docs/English_Powerpoint.pdf

 Read, Write Inc for Miss Jelliffe's Group /docs/RWI_Mon_5th_.pdf


In Maths this week, we are going to recap how to add 2 digit numbers. Before you begin, get your Maths brain warmed up with the quick maths activity below:

Quick Maths Warm Up:

Practise adding 10 to the following numbers. If you can do this quickly mentally  (in your head)- fantastic! If you need a little help, use the number square below. (To add 10, move down one square)

12,     34,     50,    72,    89,    76,     63,    80

Now see if you can subtract 10 from the following numbers. If you need to use the number square, remember to simply move up one square. This is the same as counting back 10.

64,   40,   21,   90,   75,   38,   66,   82

Great warming up everybody! Now you are ready for today's main Maths activity:

Maths Main Activity- Introduction /docs/maths_video_MON.pdf


Maths Task /docs/Y2-Autumn-Block-2-D11-Add-2-digit-numbers-1-2019.pdf

 Class Assembly- 1pm

Click on the link that has been emailed to you by your class teacher. This will be a lovely opportunity to say hello to each other and have a little catch up :-)

Afternoon Work- PE/docs/Remote_PE_Mon_.pdf

This afternoon, you will need your Jasmine PE login details to access the fun learning we have planned for you. Please let us know (via the class email) if you need your login details sending to you.

 Story Time

Sit back, relax and enjoy listening to the story to end another successful day of home learning. This is a very funny story, so we hope it makes you laugh! 

Food Bags 

We are so sorry that the pasta was left out of the food bags that were delivered on Friday. Please accept our huge apologies for this error. If you would still like your pasta delivered next week, please could you let us know by emailing the school office ( address below) or through the Tawk chat facility. 


Thank you so much for your understanding at this busy time. 

Trouble accessing the remote learning? 

We have recognised that when this page is accessed via Internet Explorer, you may come across error notifications. If you download Chrome, you will be able to access the learning. 

We hope this solves any problems accessing the learning. Please get in touch if you have any questions. 

Thank you 

Year 2 team :) 

Y2 Remote Learning Page

Friday 2nd July 

Well done and thank you to all of the year 2's who sent in work from their first day of remote learning in this short isolation. Check the class blogs to see if your work had been shared. 

Here is the learning for day 2. If you have any questions about your work, you can contact us on our class email address, or use the Tawk chat facility between the hours of 9am and 3.05pm.

Class 2 (Mrs Rockey, Mrs Channon and Mrs Maloney)


Class 3 (Miss Salmon and Miss Jelliffe)


We would love to see your completed work, so please email some pictures of it across to us.

Take care and stay safe everybody and we will keep in touch,

Miss Salmon, Miss Jelliffe,

Mrs Rockey, Mrs Channon, Mrs Maloney,  (and Rosie the dog!)

English and Read, Write Inc

Here is the learning for Miss Jelliffe's Read, Write Inc group. 

 This is the English activity for the children who stay in class for English. 



Watch the video to consolidate your learning of time in maths from this week. 

 Please complete the worksheet. 

Optional extra for maths: 

Click the link below to find an online time maths game. 




 In Geography today you will be comparing schools in Kenya with schools in Westbury. We know lots about our school. Watch the clip to find out what schools are like in Kenya. Maybe you could use your computing skills to research yourself with adult supervision. The search engine "Kiddle" is great for finding information whilst ensuring children are kept safe online. 


 Now that you have worked hard on your learning, have a relax and listen to the story Harry Saves the Ocean. It is a lovely story about looking forward to going to the seaside. It has an important message about litter and pollution and how we can all do our part to ensure we look after our oceans and planet. 

Thursday 1st July 2021

Good morning Year 2s,

We are sorry that we find ourselves in another period of remote learning. We will miss you all over the next 10 days but we hope that everyone is able to stay safe and well. You are all fantastic home learners, so we have no doubt that you are going to be just as brilliant this time around.

Just like before, you will find your home learning work set out below. You will have English (unless you are in Miss Jelliffe's Read, Write, Inc group), Maths and Topic work to complete- just like you would have at school. If you have any questions about your work, you can contact us on our class email address, or use the Tawk chat facility between the hours of 9am and 3.05pm.

Class 2 (Mrs Rockey, Mrs Channon and Mrs Maloney)


Class 3 (Miss Salmon and Miss Jelliffe)


We would love to see your completed work, so please email it across to us (you could take some photographs).

Take care and stay safe everybody and we will keep in touch,

Mrs Rockey, Mrs Channon, Mrs Maloney, Miss Salmon (and Rosie the dog!)

English and Read, Write Inc

If you are in Miss Jelliffe's Read, Write, Inc group, please scroll on down as your Read, Write, Inc tasks are slightly different. Everybody else will be completing the English task below:


 If you are in Miss Jelliffe's Read Write Inc group, here is your work:



This week in Maths, we have been learning to tell the time. We have focused on o'clock, half past and quarter past times. First, click on the video link to find out more about quarter past and quarter to times. Then you will need to complete the Maths activity sheet. 

Optional - If you have a paper plate, or a piece of card, you may want to have a go at making your own analogue clock. You will need a long minute hand and a short hour hand.


 Topic work

 Now that we have reached the end of the day, snuggle up and enjoy listening to the story below. Your first day of remote learning is complete! Well done, everyone :-) 

Good morning Year 2s!

We are very sorry that we cannot start the new term face to face together. Last night’s announcement to switch to remote learning from today was a bit of a sudden surprise for us all- but as we have done this once already, we absolutely know we can do it again! Year 2s are SUPERSTARS! We have planned some lovely learning for you to do at home today. You will have Read Write Inc (phonics) and an English activity, Maths, Handwriting and some Topic work to do. We would like you to complete as much of the learning as you possibly can, so if you get stuck, or have any questions  about your work or any difficulties accessing it, you can either email us or use Tawk (our live chat facility) between the hours of 9am and 3.05pm and we will reply to you.

Zebras (Mrs Rockey and Mrs Channon):


Giraffes (Mrs Russam and Miss Salmon)


Once you have completed your work, please could you email it to us (perhaps take a few photographs) so that we can give you some feedback and so that we are able to see what you have managed to complete.

Many of you returned your remote learning exercise books to school (and these were pretty full up too) so a new one will be doorstep delivered to you in due course. In the meantime, please record your work on some paper and you can stick it in your new book when it comes.

We hope you all stay safe and well.

Happy learning everybody!

From your Year 2 Teachers and TAs (and Rosie the dog!)