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  • Tuesday 20 April 2021 Ball Skills It was great to be back in class today and we had great fun trying to beat our personal best scores before having some fun with different sized ball. 
  • Friday 16 April 2021 April 16th Hello to children and their families First, hello to the Sea Turtles. I hope you have enjoyed your holiday and I look forward to seeing you on Monday.
  • Saturday 3 April 2021 3rd April 2021 Have a look at some photos of the children dressed up in their World Book Day costumes and meeting the Easter bunny!
  • Thursday 1 April 2021 Thursday 1st April 2021 What a wonderful and busy last week of term we have had Hedgehogs!
  • Thursday 1 April 2021 Friday 1st April We have had a really fun week this week finishing our topic on `What is growing in our garden` and linking it to our new topic on Sculptures.  We looked at the work of a famous sculptor Charlotte Huppfield who uses things found in nature to create her clay pieces.  The children then had a turn to create their own interpretation of her work by creating a clay tile and using leaves and twigs to make an imprint. Can you seen the leaves that they have used?
  • Thursday 1 April 2021 Thursday 1st April Happy WIS World Book Day!
  • Thursday 1 April 2021 Friday 1st April Today the children At Westbury Infants School were able to participate in a belated book day as we missed the official one during the lock down. There were some amazing costumes and characters from so many different books. Louie chose Harry Potter because he can use magic to battle bad wizards. Ivy chose to be Little Red Riding Hood because she liked the story going into the woods. We finished the special day with a super Easter egg hunt to celebrate the end of term and the Easter Bunny actually made a visit to deliver a lovely chocolate egg.
  • Thursday 1 April 2021 World Book Day We managed a few snaps of some of the children in their costumes quickly this morning. It was wonderful to see the array of different characters. We have Matilda, Miss Trunchbull, Willy Wonka, Fantastic Mr Fox, Alice in Wonderland, Unicorns and George and his marvelous medicine. 
  • Monday 29 March 2021 Decorating Gingerbread This afternoon we had the most wonderful time decorating our gingerbread. We had to follow our designs closely and couldn't add anything extra!! (Some things did look rather delicious!)
  • Sunday 28 March 2021 28th March 2021 It's good to be green! Here are some of the superstars that have been 'green' every minute of the week! Well done!
  • Sunday 28 March 2021 28th March 2021 Maths This week we have been consolidating our learning in maths. The children have been showing their number recognition skills, counting on, subitising, finding two parts of a whole and solving problems.
  • Friday 26 March 2021 Friday 26th March Spectacular Science! PE  CLUBS
  • Friday 26 March 2021 Friday 26th March Please remember to make the most of this fantastic opportunity after the Easter break.   You can choose from football, archery, multi-skills and fun fitness and they are all FREE!.  Please ask for another letter if you need one.  There are only a few places left at some clubs so don't delay or you may be disappointed .
  • Friday 26 March 2021 Friday 26th March Once again, Bears have had a busy week.  We have been really impressed with some of the learning that has been taking place and it has been so lovely to hear the children talking enthusiastically about their work.  In maths this week, our reception children were looking at different numbers in their environment whilst our year 1s and 2s were learning about mass and capacity.   It was great to listen to the children discussing whether their cups were full, almost full, half full, almost empty or empty during snack time today and it demonstrated that they all had a really good understanding of the work we have been doing in maths.
  • Friday 26 March 2021 March 26th Sea Turtles This week Sea Turtles have been counting objects in and out of the class. The children have been learning to count on from 5 and using ten frames. We counted with toys, fruit and natural objects. Children have been showing their counting by drawing pictures and writing numbers. This is something that they can practise at home.
  • Friday 26 March 2021 26th March We have had a great week this week thinking about the Gingerbread Man in English and then designing our own and baking them in the afternoon. The children have come up with some fantastic ideas about what to use and how it should look. They have thought carefully about why they have chosen certain things to make their design and how to attach the details to it. They are all looking forward to creating these designs next week.
  • Thursday 25 March 2021 Rolling the dough Today was a short part for making our gingerbread. We had to roll out the dough before cooking it.
  • Tuesday 23 March 2021 Tuesday 23rd March- Gingerbread Hello everyone!
  • Tuesday 23 March 2021 Run, run as fast as you can! We spent the most wonderful afternoon preparing for our cooking. We have made the dough for our gingerbread men, we hope to fill the school on Thursday with the most wonderful smells!
  • Sunday 21 March 2021 21st March Happy birthday Sea Turtels Happy birthday to Josh who is 5 today and Natalia who celebrated in the week.
  • Saturday 20 March 2021 Friday 19th March There has been lots of lovely learning taking place in Bears this week, from pattern making (Reception) and measuring (Year 1 and 2) to planting potatoes and making observational drawings of different fruits and vegetables.  The children are all working hard in RWI too and are using their knowledge of letter sounds to help them read, spell and write words and sentences.  In music, the children were learning to play the glockenspiel.  They all tried really hard to play in time to the music.  Well done Bears!
  • Saturday 20 March 2021 Friday 19th March This week we have continued having lots of fun learning about measuring.  Last week we learnt how to measure length wit a ruler and this week we have been measuring the mass of an object- finding our how heavy or light it is and the volume of a container- the amount of space that an object occupies in a container  such as full and empty.
  • Friday 19 March 2021 19th March A very busy week of learning! We have been very busy this week.
  • Friday 19 March 2021 Friday 19th March Sea Turtles shapes Hello everyone. This week Sea Turtles have been learning about 3D shapes and creating repeating patterns. Thank you to those who sent in pictures of 3D shapes at home.
  • Friday 19 March 2021 19th March Happy Friday everyone!!
  • Friday 19 March 2021 17th March: Making Choices We have recently begun a new unit in PSHE on Making Choices.  Today, we talked about how in life, we can’t always choose what happens, but we can choose how we respond.  If we choose to respond in a positive way, we will feel better.  Likewise, if we choose to respond in a negative way, we feel bad.  
  • Friday 19 March 2021 Wednesday 17th March: Symbols of Easter Today in RE, we talked about different symbols that represent Easter, from hot cross buns, eggs, chicks, palm crosses and a cross.  Learning from RE involves us understanding why the symbol of the cross is important to Christians.
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