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Friday 26th February

Hi Badgers 

How lovely it has been this week to see the sun shining sometimes and the evenings staying light for a little longer.  Well done and thank you to all of you who have completed your home learning this week and sent me some pictures to see.  It is always lovely to see how much effort you are putting in and how much you are using your sapphire gem power to stay focused on your home learning.  I was very impressed with those children who have tried to be creative in their learning this week.  Skyler had great fun this week creating music using pots and pans.  I wonder which style you were playing; jazz, rap or maybe pop?  Well done Freddie for creating a very large volcano, I wonder if it was mount Fuji in Japan or Mount Vesuvius in Italy?  Did you know there are nearly 1,500 active volcanos around the world? 

  Remember quitters never win and winner never quit so keep going with the home learning, because every little bit of home learning that you do will all add up to making you the best that YOU can be!  I cant wait to see you all again, have a lovely weekend x

Here are some examples of your fantastic learning.