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Monday 1st March 2021

Steps to success

Hello Badgers, I hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed feeling the fresh air on your faces and the warmth of the sun. Did you get out for a walk and spot the signs of spring? I saw some bright yellow daffodils, some small purple crocus and a few primroses whilst out on my walk.  Theses were my steps to success; feeling happier and more energised but my next challenge is to start my running again.  Its good to have a goal and have something challenging to work towards.  I wonder what you will be trying to get better at this week?  What are your first steps to success.  Is it remembering to start every lower case letter with a lead in?  Or could it be keeping your writing on the line?  Maybe it is remembering to used your joined writing or putting in capital letters and full stops every time.  

Here are some fantastic examples of your steps to success.  Everybody is at a different point on their journey but all of these children are showing that they are willing to try and have not given up.  Well done champions!