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At Westbury |nfant School, our curriculum offer is carefully tailored to meet the needs of all of our children. Our children deserve the very best and our extensive and facilities and school grounds ensure that they are inspired each and every time they enter the school. English and mathematics skills are vitally important for our children and we ensure that these skills are embedded across all subjects Our school motto is "Where Infants Shine" which is epitomised by the high and aspirational standards that we set for our children and staff. We firmly believe that there should not be a ceiling to learning and embrace challenge and risk taking. As a school we pride ourselves on positive relationships, which are encouraged through teamwork and collaboration. Our school is an integral part of the local community. We believe that learning should not just take place in the classroom and promote the value of life-long learning.

The school overview below covers Y1-2 as YR's curriculum is a spiral curriculum and revisited throughout the year.  For more detail of this please click YR's curriculum map .


 YR Writing Curriculum 2023-24  YR Curriculum Overview 2023-24

Y1/2 Curriculum Overview 2023-24 Y1/2 Writing Curriculum 2023-24

School Reading Spine 2023-24