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EAL (English as an Additional Language)

Westbury Infant School adopts an ethos of inclusivity and welcomes children from all over the world and from all walks of life. We currently have 12.5% of our pupils who are exposed to a language, other than English, at home.  There are many different languages, other than English, used by members of our school population.  We acknowledge the value of children being fluent in more than one language and the additional dimension it brings to children's social and cultural development.  

All of our website can be translated in over 120 languages by clicking on the globe icon at the top of the Home page next to the name of the school. 

We carefully monitor and track the progress of pupils with EAL to ensure they are not disadvantaged and recognise that a number some of our children require additional support to acquire the same competence in English as in their home language(s).  This support is provided in class through carefully differentiated work and, where appropriate, through the additional support and advice from other agencies, such as EMTAS (Ethnic Minority and Traveller Achievement Service). 


Understanding English primary Schools- click appropriate language: BENGALI, SPANISHURDU, POLISH, ROMANIAN



Be Bilingual Leaflets - click appropriate language: POLISHURDU

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Helping your child learn at school- click appropriate language:  BENGALISPANISHURDUPOLISHROMANIANGUJARATI

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Resources for parents in celebrating different languages and cultures

Books to read in different languages- Free Kids Books

Learn English through songs, games and videos- British Council

Games to learn English - link

Stories to listen to- Storynory

Language Learning Games in over 70 languages here

Click on the image below to find stories in 31 different languages: