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Through geography children learn about a variety of places and the communities that live within them.

They learn about the processes and consequences of change in different environments and begin to understand what ‘global citizenship’ means. 

Opportunities are planned to enable children to acquire the geographical skills and knowledge needed to understand places and themes.
At Westbury Infants, we aim to stimulate the children’s interest in and curiosity about their surroundings. We also encourage children to develop their knowledge and understanding of where places are and what they are like, including an appreciation and understanding of the lifestyle of the inhabitants.

Where appropriate we use Digimap for Schools, an online mapping service, which supports cross-curricula teaching of geography, maths, literacy, and history and also enables teachers and children to gain critical digital and data skills.

Teachers and children can customise maps to tell a story - by adding pictures, graphs or climate information to support creative, engaging and interactive teaching and learning.


Useful geography websites




Up to date weather forecasts


Game. Pirate Bunnies, World Adventures

Explore the world:


Europe – France

Africa – Nigeria

Asia – Shanghai

Oceania – Australia Northern Territory

North America - San Francisco

South America – Rio de Janeiro


Barnaby Bear – 34 clips


How maps work and how to interpret them


Geography can be a very fun subject. You get to learn all sorts of information about the world including other countries, oceans, continents, rivers, cultures, governments, and more.


(Search browser google maps) Look around our local area. Look around a nearby town or village. Look for pictures of local landmarks. Search a city, town or village that you are interested in.

ALSO – type into your browser ‘Geography videos for kids’

Learn Geography with Dr Binocs

Geography Explorer: Continents

Images for geography videos for kids

(Also: Other videos available on Youtube (eg. Youtube Barnaby Bear at . . . .) – many episodes of Barnaby Bear visiting the seaside, Brittany, Mexico, etc)

Geography unplugged - activities to do without the internet





The Weather Around You

The weather never stops – think of a symbol (a very simple picture) to draw in order to record the weather condition in the morning and afternoon.




























Use symbols to record the weather over a 2 week period.


View from above: Imagine you are in a hot-air balloon looking down on your school. Draw what you can see, including the different areas around the building, eg. the trim trail and the playground. Label the different areas of your school.

Research a country of your choice

Find out about any country in the world of your choice. Where is it? What continent is it on? What is the capital city? What is the population? What do people like to see in this country? 

Landmarks in Westbury

Draw pictures of at least 5 landmarks in Westbury, including The White Horse, the swimming pool and the Parish Church.