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At Westbury Infant School, we are passionate about making history an exciting, colourful and accessible subject for all the children so they will want to continue to learn about and enjoy history throughout their lives.

We endeavour to provide our children with opportunities to be historians: using a range of different sources and artefacts to find out about the past for themselves.  


In addition to learning about significant people,  places and events from history, our children are encouraged to look for clues and use their inference and deduction skills to help them answer historical questions, develop an understanding that some sources of evidence are more useful than others, begin to give their own reasons for why certain things happened in the way that they did and develop a greater understanding of how different aspects of history are related to one another. 

To help bring the subject to life, all children benefit from taking part in historical workshops and  visiting places of historical interest, including the Westbury White Horse - Battle of Ethandun, Mary Anning Museum in Charmouth, The SS Great Britain - Brunel, Victorian School in Sevington and the Haynes Motor Museum. 

We annually evaluate the quality of the trips and the experience and value it gives the children.  Our curriculum maps reflect all the cultural capital opportunities we aim to equip our children with.


Useful history wesites




Site includes video clips about many significant people from the past eg Florence Nightingale, Mary Anning, Louis Braille, Samuel Pepys, Elizabeth 1; famous events eg The Great Fire of London and some video clips to show what life would have been like in the Victorian times. 


Site includes video clips about significant people from the past e.g. Florence Nightingale, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Grace Darling and some clips to show life during specific events or periods of history.

NOTE: Some videos are aimed at KS2


Site include information about different periods of time e.g. The Victorians, The Celts, The Anglo Saxons etc., some ancient world history such as the Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Aztecs etc., information about some significant people e.g. Florence Nightingale and information about different aspects of life such as houses and homes, kings and queens, castle etc.

NOTE: This site is aimed at the whole of the primary age range so pupils may need help to read and understand the text.


Site includes information and video clips about different significant people from the past, significant time periods and themes such as education and school life, art and culture etc.


Site includes information and activities for various different periods of times, significant individuals and significant events.  There are also some fun craft activities relating to history and a guide for parents about the type of projects you could do with your child.

NOTE: This site covers history for the full primary range.


Site include information on different periods in history, significant individuals and events.

NOTE: This site covers the full primary age range.


Site includes three games relating to history – Vikings word cruncher, Great Fire of London quiz and some pictures from seasides today and from the past.   

History Unplugged _ activities to do without the internet





Click here for the family tree template - or draw your own!

 Click here for some artefacts that you have to think about what they were used for - history detectives!