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School Led Tutoring

School-Led Tutoring should focus on providing tuition to disadvantaged pupils. This should include pupils eligible for pupil premium but could also include pupils with other types of disadvantage or additional needs, including Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), children who have a social worker, previously looked-after children, young carers and other vulnerable pupils. Schools involve their SEN coordinator, designated safeguarding lead, and designated teacher for looked-after and previously looked after children, as well as their area’s Virtual School Head to understand what approaches to tutoring will be best suited to vulnerable pupils with different needs. However, if a school feels that a pupil who doesn’t fall into these categories would benefit from catch-up tutoring, the funding can be used to provide this. Schools should facilitate regular interaction between staff and tutors to ensure that sessions address education gaps and provide support in areas that pupils are struggling with. Tutoring which focuses on a specific subtopic or skill within an academic subject may be particularly beneficial to pupils. When implementing tutoring, schools should consider the following characteristics associated with positive teaching outcomes:

• tuition is most beneficial when it is explicitly linked to classroom teaching and pupil’s specific needs

• high quality and individualised feedback is essential to a pupil’s progress

• regular assessment and monitoring will ensure pupils remain on track and identify areas of focus

• short, regular and sustained tutoring sessions tend to have the greatest impact

• smaller group sizes lead to better outcomes for pupils

• tutoring is most effective when planned well, supported by teaching resources and has clear objectives for the course of delivery

• engagement can be increased by building good relationships between tutors, pupils and families

• tuition is most effective when staff are trained and supported (see the Training section of this guidance)

Below is the:

School Led Tutoring Action Plan and Impact Report for 2021-22 (AR)

School led Tutoring Action Plan for 2022-23 (NN)