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Friday 14th January - Marvellous Millipedes

This week we have had another fantastic week at school. We have looked at the books 'On the way home' and 'Me on the map' to help us with our learning. 

This has inspired our learning, we have come up with alternative ideas of how the little girl hurt her knee. Millipedes have the most wonderful imagination! I’m so proud of you all! 

We looked at maps and why we use them, and then we created our own maps. The children created their own pirate treasure maps and dressed up as pirates and went on a treasure hunt, plotting on their map where they found the treasure. 

In maths we have introduced zero. The children were drawing their own representation of numbers! They have been so busy! 

In art this week we experimented with adding black and white paint to colours to get a lighter and darker shade. 

Millipedes Term 3 Week 2