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Friday 15th October - Millipedes are disco dancers

Wow what a wonderful week we have had. This week started with our wonderful sponsored discoathon. We had a brilliant day, we danced lots and had lots of fun. Pictures from the day are a little blurry because of all the dancing!! In Maths this week we have been looking at repeating patterns and created lots of different repeating patterns using conkers, pine cones, numicon and blocks. We have learnt lots of new sounds this week, and we have started to learn Special Friends sounds. These sounds are made up of two letters but make just one sound. The sounds we have learnt are ‘w’, ‘th’, ’z’, ‘ch’ and ‘qu’. We have also been fortunate with the weather this week which has meant we have been able to visit the sensory garden. Whilst in the garden we listened to a story, explored the area around us and listened for birds.