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Wednesday 26th January - Welly Walks and Artist Visit

We have had the most wonderful week and it's only Wednesday. 

In Maths we have been looking at Mass and Capacity. The children have explored and weighed items using balance scales. They have used vocabulary such as heavy and light and have started to use comparison sentences such as the watermelon is heavier than the orange. We have also looked at capacity, using different sized containers and thinking about whether they are full or empty, or nearly full or nearly empty. 

On Monday we retold the story of the Chinese New Year, we used masks to help us remember the story. 

On Tuesday, we had an Artist visit our class. Her name was Helen Chester and she likes to paint pictures of The Westbury White Horse. We were lucky enough to see some of her wonderful pieces of art in person, and she also gave us a tutorial on how to draw a horse so that we could make our own versions of her pictures. 

On Wednesday we went on a welly walk into Westbury. As we were walking we were looking at different landmarks of the town as well as thinking about how to keep safe when walking near a road. On our way we saw the football club and the fire station and whilst in the town centre we saw the library, the market and some estate agents. On our way back we found the town park which many of the children knew about!


Millipedes Term 3 Week 4 final