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There is only one topic of conversation this week, our first school trip as Firefly class. It was THE BEST TRIP EVER, apparently!

We were met by our ranger Samantha who took us around Westonbirt, we collected acorns and pine cones, grew from a seed, looked at the trees, became a tree and just generally enjoyed being outside. The weather did not stop us having fun. When Samantha heard the children wanted to find the Gruffalo she took us quickly for lunch (the best part of the day for some!) then we had to tiptoe quickly and quietly around the forest to see if we could find him. Thankfully, we did along with his friends. 

The day was just a bit too much for some of us as the bus trip on the way home was very quiet.

It was an absolute pleasure to take the children out and they were a credit to the school with their manners and behaviour, this was commented upon several times by members of the public who were also visiting. 

Next week, Miss McMillan will be on class on Thursday and Friday.