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Our Vision and Values

Where Infants Shine

Our Vision

At Westbury Infant School the children are at the heart of everything we do.

Our school is a caring place where ALL people are welcomed, respected, valued and nurtured. We want Westbury Infant School to be a first class centre for teaching and learning that is embedded in the Westbury community. We want each child to be able to thrive and develop so that they fulfil their potential in all areas of their education.

Our Aims

In partnership with parents, develop the whole child physically, spiritually, intellectually and emotionally.

To develop self-awareness and self-esteem and value the child’s achievements.
To enable children to be challenged, to feel confident to take risks in a safe and secure learning environment.

To care for each other and develop a sense of community and collective ownership.
To provide the tools to take the child forward in their learning and to develop their independence.

To see each child as an individual with their own specific needs and style of learning.
To deliver a broad and balanced curriculum which fosters their natural curiosity and promotes enquiry skills. An understanding of British Values will be encouraged within our curriculum.

Ensuring good liaison with other schools, preschools and community agencies for the benefit of children, parents and staff.


Our Mission Statement

To help each child make a successful start to their educational journey through life.

Our Values

Our values are embedded in all that we do.  We believe they reflect our approach to ensuring that our pupils receive the most fulfilling and rewarding education possible.  These are linked to our Gem Powers.

  • Respect - We appreciate feelings, opinions of others as well as achievements of others.
  • Friendship - We foster  mutual trust and kindness to all members of our community.
  • Teamwork - We all belong to a class/school community where we thrive when we work together.
  • Excellence - We aspire to being the very best we can in all aspects of our lives.
Teamwork symbol - http://r2i-esl.com/index.php/our-core-value/
Excellence symbol - http://go2wwl.in/client-appreciation-mr-shankar-jha/
Friendship symbol - https://iconscout.com/icon/friends-1648956
Respect symbol - https://www.shutterstock.com/image-vector/speak-listen-symbol-201563255

We also link our four core values to our Behaviour Curriculum - The WIS Way.  See below for more details.

the wis way behaviour curriculum.pdf