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It is nearly time to return to school! Have you got your school uniform ready? We hope it still fits!

Please make sure that on Monday you bring in your blue books (whether full, nearly full, half full, nearly empty or empty!) and your PE kit. If you have borrowed an iPad that will also need to be returned as we will need them in class! Thank you.

Friday 5th March 2021


For our final Lockdown learning day the new Set 2 sound is 'air'. The Set 1 sound to revise before we go back into our groups on Monday is 'w'. Practise writing these sounds in your blue book along with a short sentence for an extra challenge. We look forward to seeing your blue books on Monday. 

Set 2 Reading 'air'

Set 2 Spelling 'air'

Set 1 Speed Sound 'w'

Set 1 Spelling 1.6 (5)

Now you can all watch this episode of Alphablocks.

Alphablocks Web

Time to stretch your legs.

Another set of animals to meet on Garden Tales whilst having your fruit and milk.

Garden Tales: A Full House


Start by ordering your numbercards from 0 to 10. Can you beat your record? Now ask your grown up to move a couple around. Can you spot what has changed?

Next, watch Session 5, our second day of 'making 10'. Complete the activity set. You will be off on a treasure hunt to find 10 items to put into your ten frame. You can make a big ten frame by using masking tape, sticks or drawing it with chalk. As you find your treasure speak in full sentences about how many you have found and how many you still need to find. 

Building 9 and 10 Week 2 Session 5 Making 10


TEAMS WHOLE SCHOOL STORYTIME IS AT 1.10pm. Find the link on the homepage.

This afternoon you will explore four very different habitats and look closely at why certain animals are suited to living there. You will also look at the different tracks that animals make as they move around their habitats.

Understanding the World: To match animals to an appropriate habitat

Please now spend some time getting your work sorted and stuck in if required. Have a look through at all you have achieved and think about which piece of work you are most proud of and why.

The story today is about a Noodle Oodle bird. What do you think it looks like?

Old Jack's Boat: The Shy Noodle Oodle Bird

Thursday 4th March 2021


Just the two sounds to choose from today. The new Set 2 sound is 'or' and the Set 1 sound to revise is 'r'. Practise these in your blue books and have a go at writing a sentence if you would like a challenge. 

Set 2 Reading 'or'

Set 2 Spelling 'or'

Set 1 Speed Sound 'r'

Word Time Reading 1.6 (5)

The alphablocks episode today has 'r' as a pirate! Can you make your own pirate ship?

Alphablocks Red

Starfish TEAMS meeting is at 10am today. 

Break time.

Some more animal stories whilst you have your fruit and milk.

Garden Tales: Grace's Grand Cafe


Watch Session 4 and complete the activity. Use the 10 frames provided or you could make your own!

Building 9 and 10 Week 2 Session 4 Making 10

Next, in your blue books can you practise your number formation. Complete the numbers to 10 at least five times each. Don't rush and make sure the numbers are formed correctly.

Have a look at this Numberblocks episode which shows you have to count to 21!

Numberblocks I Can Count to Twenty

Now go and play some of your favourite maths games such as Snakes and Ladders, Ladybirds, Spotty Dogs, Hopscotch or Shut the Box. Have fun!


This afternoon we would like you to watch this lesson.  It is about what makes a good habitat. You can then make your own habitat. You can also go for a walk to spot different habitats of animals that live nearby.

Understanding the World: To know what makes a good habitat

The story today is Mog the Forgetful Cat by Judith Kerr.

Wednesday 3rd March 2021


The Set 2 sound today is 'ar', a very important sound, especially for Starfish Class! The special friend Set 1 sound to revise is 'nk and the single letter Set 1 sound is the very popular 'e'.

Practise these sounds in your blue book along with you name. Can you write your surname as well?

If you are having a go at the Set 2 sound, then write an interesting sentence with it in. 

Set 2 Reading 'ar'

Set 2 Spelling 'ar'

Set 1 Speed Sound 'nk'

Word Time Spelling 1.6 (4)

Set 1 Speed Sound 'e'

Word Time Spelling 1.3 (3)

Now you can all watch this episode of Alphablocks.

Alphablocks Card

Any spare time can be spent on Reading Eggs.

Reading Eggs

Break. Then fruit and milk whilst watching this episode. Will Fred, the Pill Millipede, use his gem powers?! What gem powers do the other animals use?

Garden Tales: Showtime


Start by asking your grown up to show you your number cards one at a time. Just like in Read, Write, Inc, say the number shown as quickly as possible. Your grown up will gradually speed up so concentrate! Next, when they show the numbers you need to shout out the number and also show the correct amount of fingers. For an extra challenge think about the different ways you could show for example, '6' (3 and 3, 4 and 2 etc)

Watch session 3 and then sort some dominoes into fewer and more, having rolled your dice. You could write and use a number track to help you. When finding the total of spots on your domino, see if you can 'count on' rather than count all.

Building 9 and 10 Week 2 Session 3 Comparing Numbers Within 10

Now go on a number hunt. This could be done around the house or best, outside, on the way to the park! Don't forget to count how many pushes your grown ups need to get going on the swings.

Lunch! As you have a drink with your meal, remind yourself about full, nearly full, half full, nearly empty and empty.

Over the next three afternoons we have an introduction to habitats. Today, we identify different habitats and begin to understand why different animals live in different habitats. Can you make a suitable habitat for your teddy? Think about what animals they are and what shelter, food and climate they would need to survive in the wild. Watch the lesson for some top tips!  

Understanding the World: To understand what a habitat is

The story today is about a firefly.

Tuesday 2nd March 2021

The Set 2 sound today looks familiar to the one completed yesterday. Listen carefully! If you are working on this sound then have a go at writing a short sentence using this new sound.

The Set 1 special friend is 'ng', which is often found at the end of a word. The Set 1 single letter sound is 'f'. Remember to keep your tongue in! If you are working on either of these sounds then practise writing them in your blue book, along with some others that you know need a little extra! Use your Diamond Power!

Set 2 Reading 'oo' (look)

Set 2 Spelling 'oo' (look)

Set 1 Speed Sound 'ng'

Word Time Reading 1.6 (4)

Speed Sound 'f'

Word Time Reading 1.3 (3)

Now you can all watch these episodes of Alphablocks.

Alphablocks Fred

Alphablocks Song

Break Time.

A Garden Tales to watch whilst having your fruit and milk.

Garden Tales: Double Trouble


Watch Session 2 and complete the activity set exploring who has more and who has fewer. Start by making a number track, focus on your number formation. Remember to speak in sentences when explaining your understanding.

Building 9 and 10 Week 2 Session 2 Comparing Numbers Within 10

Next, with your objects can you practise counting them without moving them into a line? Counting objects that are in an irregular pattern can be quite tricky. It is not always possible to touch and/or move objects when counting. 

If you have some spare time log on to Mathseeds and add to your totals.



Tuesday afternoon is music time! 

Hello Starfish and Sea Turtles! Well, this is your last online music lesson as we will all be back in school next week! I can't wait to see you all again, it has been a long time! For music today, please log in to Charanga using your log in details, there is a piece of music called 'Jupiter' to listen to as well as some songs to sing along to. Enjoy your lesson and see you next week. Love Mrs Bayley.  


Looking ahead to our story today, why don't you have a go at drawing a koala? Zoom on to 1 minute 55 seconds for the instructions to start! Remember this animal is NOT a bear, despite Rob calling it a bear a few times! Listen carefully and Rob does explain what a marsupial is. 

The story today is The Koala Who Could. Life can be great when you try something new!

Monday 1st March 2021


The sounds today are either Set 2 sound 'oo' as in zoo, Set 1 special friend 'qu' or Set 1 sound 'b. Remember to practise the sound in your blue book. If you are challenging yourself to do the Set 2 sound, have a go at writing a sentence using this sound. You can see a super example on the Starfish Blog from last Friday. Remember to say your sentence over and over until it is clear in your head, then use 'Fred fingers' if required when writing your words. 

Set 2 Reading 'oo' (zoo)

Set 2 Spelling 'oo' (zoo)

Set 1 Speed Sound 'qu'

Word Time Spelling 1.6 (3)

Speed Sound 'b'

Word Time Spelling 1.3 (2)

Now you can all watch this Alphablocks episode. Remember to join in with the reading!

Alphablocks quick

How are you doing with Reading Eggs? We will celebrate your achievements next week when we are back in school.

Reading Eggs

Breaktime. If the sun is shining have your fruit and milk outside - what can you hear?


Watch Session 1 and complete the activity. Get your number cards ready.

Building 9 and 10 Week 2 Session 1 Counting Back from 10 - 10 in a Bed

Numberblocks Ten Green Bottles

Now go outside and play some games where you can count backwards or practise some number recognition. This could involve having your own 'ten green bottles' or some other targets/skittles to knock down - remember to count backwards as you find out how many are left standing. You could also draw a hopscotch and start at 10, rather than 1. 

Lunch. Can you cut your lunch into 10 pieces? As you eat it work out how many are left! 


Monday afternoon's is PE time. Remember when you have logged in 10 times you win a trophy! Carry on with the unit started last Monday - the train activities. When you have completed this get your PE kit and put it in your PE bag, ready for school next Monday!

Jasmin PE Login

You should have a lot of spare time to practise your skipping skills - perhaps you could count down from 10!

Also keep going with your personal best activities, we will see how much progress you have made next week.

The story today is The Pig in the Pond.

Remote Learning for 22nd to 26th February is below

 Welcome back! Our topic for Term 4 is called 'All Creatures Great and Small'. We will email the Knowledge Organiser which shows some of the skills we will be concentrating on, this will also be added to each child's Learning Journey.

Friday 26th February 2021


The three sounds today are the new Set 2 sound 'ow', along with the Set 1 special friend 'ch' and the Set 1 sound 'u'. 

Practise writing your sound in your blue book before a 'rainbow write' of your name or other sounds that require a little attention!

Set 2 Reading 'ow'

Set 2 Spelling 'ow'

Set 1 Speed Sound 'ch'

Word Time Reading 1.6 (3)

Set 1 Speed Sound 'u'

Word Time Reading 1.3 (2)

Now you can all watch this episode of Alphablocks. 

Alphablocks champ

Break time!

Another Garden Tale for fruit and milk time.

Garden Tales: The Big Clear Up


Start by asking a grown up to watch you count aloud as far as you can go! If you get past ten make sure you say the numbers correctly - is it 'teen' or 'ty'. When you have done that can you count backwards from 12 to zero? What about from a larger number?!

Watch Session 5. It starts by showing some amounts in a ten frame that are 5 and some more. Then it shows how to play a bingo game. Get your number cards ready! Can you help your teddies play the game? Make sure they have a different number board. You can then help them to work out which number the pictures represent. Remember to give the winner a prize and make sure you use some 'Ruby power' for those that don't win.

Building 9 and 10 Week 1 Session 5 Numbers to 10 Bingo


TEAMS school assembly is at 1.10pm.

This lesson talks about the life cycle of different animals. It then shows you how to make a baby turtle. You may have to look in your recycling box to make a baby animal of your choice. If you don't have any paint you can always use colouring pencils. As you are making your baby animal see if you can clearly explain his/her life cycle. Remember to use full sentences!

Understanding the World: On the Farm; Growing (Animals) Lesson 3 of 3

The weather forecast looks promising, so why don't you put on your wellies and go for a nice long walk? How many different animals can you see? Are they larger or smaller than you? Can you hear some animals, but not see them? Do you know the names of these animals?

The book we have to finish the week is Farmyard Hullabaloo.


Thursday 25th February 2021


Today the sounds you can choose from are the new Set 2 sound 'igh', plus 'th' or 'p'. You only need to do one set of the colour coded button links below.

With either sound, practise writing it in your blue book where you can also write down the spellings. Remember to use your 'Fred fingers' before writing down the words.

Set 2 Reading 'igh'

Set 2 Spelling 'igh'

Set 1 Speed Sound 'th'

Word Time Spelling 1.6 (2)

Set 1 Speed Sound 'p'

Word Time Spelling 1.3 (1)

Now you can all watch the following Alphablocks episode.

Alphablocks Tightrope

Break time! Have a run around, do 20 star jumps, skip for a minute and hop until your leg feels like it is going to fall off!

For fruit and milk time we have another Garden Tale.

Garden Tales: Found You!


Start with this counting book.

Ten Black Dots

Watch the Session 4 video before completing the activity challenge of making a picture with your ten black spots. You can explore the different ways to make ten by drawing more than one picture.

Building 9 and 10 Week 1 Session 4 Composition of 9 and 10

Have a look at this episode of Numberblocks. Does your picture match up to any of these ways to make 'ten again'?

Numberblocks Ten Again

Now go outside and find 10 objects to throw. Make a target area and see how many of the objects land in the area and how many land outside. Record your results in your blue book. As you move further away do your scores change? What if you use a different hand to throw with?

Time for lunch!

The second lesson looks at what farm animals need to grow. You can complete the activity set using potato and paints or just use pencil crayons. We look forward to seeing your pictures.

Understanding the World: On the Farm; Growing (Animals) Lesson 2 of 3

This is the story of 10 little rubber ducks, based on an event that happened nearly 30 years ago. Have you ever found something interesting washed up at the seaside?

Wednesday 24th February 2021


For the next 8 days until we return to school we will post a brand new Set 2 sound plus a single letter Set 1 sound and a 'special friend' Set 1 sound. 

Please choose the Set 2 sound if you are confident at stating the vast majority of Set 1 sounds at a quick pace.

Today the sounds you can choose from are either 'ee', 'i' or 'sh'. Whichever one you choose we would like you to practise writing this sound in your blue book before choosing two letters that you find tricky, two that need a little fine tuning and two that you are brilliant at.

With each of the videos remember to do 'my turn, your turn', have your 'magnet eyes' ready and don't let any monster distractions put you off!

Set 2 reading 'ee'

Set 2 spelling 'ee'

Set 1 Speed Sound 'sh'

Word Time Reading 1.6 (2)

Set 1 Speed Sound 'i'

Word Time Reading 1.3 (1)

Now can you all watch the following Alphablocks episode. Remember to join in!

Alphablocks clap

Time for a break. During fruit and milk you can watch another Garden Tales.

Garden Tales: Casey's Field Adventure


Watch Session 3 below and then complete the activity. You will need your number cards. Ask a grown up to be the 'cheeky kangaroo' and change something on your number line as shown in the video.

Building 9 and 10 Week 1 Session 3 Ordering Numerals to 10

Next place your numbers in the correct order again and turn over numerals 0 and 1. You should have 2 to 10 remaining. Then get two dice, roll them and find the total. Turn over the card that matches your total. Repeat this until you have turned over all your cards. Can you count up how many goes it took you to find all the totals? Have another go and see if you can do it in fewer goes. If you can, try using a numbered dice and a dotted dice and count on from the numbered dice. You can use the phrase 'I know that's 4...5, 6, 7' (if you rolled a 4 and a 3 for example).

Finish off with this Numberblocks episode - you may see some of your dice throws when 9 gets hiccups.

Numberblocks hiccups

Time for lunch. 

Our new topic is all about animals. We start on the farm where you will look at some different animals, find out what some baby animals grow up to be and listen to the story of The Enormous Turnip.

Understanding the World: On the Farm; Growing (Animals) Lesson 1 of 3

Can you draw some pictures of some baby animals and also what they will look like when they are grown up? Have a go at labelling the animals, using at least the initial sound. Do all grown up animals look like their babies?

The story today is about a monkey looking for his mummy. It is called Monkey Puzzle.

Tuesday 23rd February 2021


The final Set 1 sound is 'nk'. Below is the link for the lesson, take care not to confuse this with 'ng'!

Speed Sound 'nk'

Learning to Blend Lesson 25

Now get your blue book and a pencil ready for the writing activity.

Word Time Spelling 1.6 (1)

You have now been taught all 31 Set 1 sounds! How many do you know off by heart and at a snappy speed? Get your sound cards out and see how quickly you can say the sounds. Make a note of any that need a bit more practise and keep going over these until we get back to school.

Time for a break and then fruit and milk.

How many different creatures will you see in this episode?

Garden Tales: Song Time


The second session looks at representing and sorting 9 and 10. Watch the session before having a go at sorting/making groups of 9 and 10.

Building 9 and 10 Week 1 Session 2 Representing and Sorting 9 and 10

Whilst listening to the number songs, practise your number formation in your blue books.

Numberblocks Songs

Spend the rest of the session improving your Mathseeds scores.


Time for lunch.

TEAMS meetings are the same as yesterday; 12.30pm for Sea Turtles and 2.40pm for Starfish.

Tuesday afternoon is music time. Mrs Bayley has set the work and below is a message from her.

Hello Starfish and Sea Turtles, I hope you had a wonderful half term and enjoyed some lovely walks, scooter or cycle rides. I managed to cycle and walk 23 miles with my family last week even in the rain! It will not be long before we are back together in school, in the meantime, keep going with your home learning - you should all be very proud. We start a new term on Charanga (Spring 2, Week 1) called 'Our World'. If you log in to Charanga as usual, you will find your music online learning ready for you. There is some singing, dancing and also a piece called 'Flight of the Bumblebee' to listen to. Do you know why it is called this? Enjoy your music lesson today, love Mrs Bayley.


The story today is called 'Cockatoos' by Quentin Blake. You may want to pause the story to count how many cockatoos are hiding on each page.

Monday 22nd February 2021


The 30th Set 1 sound is another 'special friend' for you to learn.

Speed Sound 'ng'

Now have a go at writing this sound in your blue books. After that please practise two sounds you are fantastic at, two that need a little work and two that you find really tricky. Remember to use the phrase sheet to help you.

Learning to Blend Lesson 24

Word Time Reading 1.6 (1)

Sing along to this Alphablocks. How many different 'ng' words can you read?

Alphablocks song

Break time.


Start off by watching this episode of Numberblocks.

Numberblocks Nine

Then watch session 1 of our new phase. Can you then explore the different ways you can show 9 and 10? Then have a look for the numerals 9 and 10 anywhere around your house or outside.

Building 9 and 10 Week1 Session 1 Representing and Sorting 9 and 10

When you have finished the tasks go and find your numbercards and check you can still order them from 0 to 10 in double quick time. Ask a friend/grown up to turn one number over/swap two around, can you tell them what number is hidden/swapped around? 

Finish up by counting out counters/objects that match each of your numbers. Can you do this quickly, but accurately. Remember to always check your counting. Arranging them into lines or like a 'ten frame' will help you spot mistakes and allow you to correct them.

Time for lunch.

The TEAMS meetings will allow you the chance to tell us about what you have been doing during the half term break.

Sea Turtles TEAMS meeting is at 12.30pm. Please send Miss Jones an email if you are planning to join her and she will send you the link.

Starfish TEAMS meeting is at 2.40pm. Please use the link emailed on 25th January.


For the next two weeks can you work through the 'train' activities. There is a story to listen to, song to learn off by heart and 'yellow', 'green' and 'red' skills to complete. Use the Tawk facility on this website if you need a reminder of your log in details.

PE: Jasmine log in page

Have a practise of your skipping skills - what will your record be by the time you return to school?!

This afternoon we look at the book 'Rumble in the Jungle'. Does your favourite animal appear in this book? Which animal do you think is the loudest/scariest/tallest/thinnest?

Remote Learning for 8th to 12th February 2021 is below

This is the last week of Term 3 and we will be wrapping up our topic of Westbury and People Who Help Us. 

Thank you so much for the photos and messages you have sent in. This really does allow us and subject leaders across the school, to see how well the children are engaging with their learning.

Many of the staff are also juggling home schooling and work - we can assure you we know how tricky it is. Keeping us in touch with how your child is getting on, helps us to plan next steps in your child's learning for when we return to school or even sooner if required.

Please keep using the blue books (you can collect a new one from school if required). These will be collected in when we return to school and they will be added to your child's Learning Journey as part of their end of year assessment and record of progress.

Friday 12th February 2021


We have another special friend to revise.

Speed Sound 'qu'

Now have a go at writing this sound in your blue book before practising y, g, e and s.

Learning to Blend Lesson 23

Word Time Reading 1.5 (4)

Now get all your set 1 sounds out and show off what your have learnt this term by making some words and writing them in your blue book. Can you use some special friends? See if you can make six or even ten if you are up to the challenge! Get those gem powers working!

Alphablocks Quick

Break time.

Whilst having your fruit and milk this will get you in the mood for next week.

Pepper Pig - Pancakes


The final part of this phase is about measuring time. Watch session 5 and complete the activity. Record what you do in your blue book.

Growing 6, 7, 8! Week 3 Session 5 Measuring Time

Before lunch can you now spend some time recording your P.E 'personal bests' onto your record sheet you have been using this term. Hopefully you will see some improvement! Remember you only have half a minute for each activity. When you have completed this with your grown up, can you make sure you email a photo of your personal best scores to your teacher. Thank you.


Storytime Assembly at 1.10pm. The link is on the homepage.

Watch and listen to this final lesson before having a go at making your own 'community token'.

My Community/Where I Live: To name important people in my community

The story today is from the lovely and gentle Old Jack's Boat. 

Old Jack's Boat: The Enormous Sea Beanstalk

You have been amazing this term and now deserve a well earned break! Don't forget that Shrove Tuesday falls during the holiday. Have fun making some pancakes. We hope you don't drop them on the floor or stick them to the ceiling! 

Our new topic and Term 4 will start on Monday 22nd February 2021.

Thursday 11th February 2021


Today we have another 'special friend' to revise. 

Speed Sound 'ch'

Now have a go at writing this sound in your blue book. 

Learning to Blend Lesson 22

Get your blue book ready again! Use your 'Fred fingers' then write it down!

Word Time Spelling 1.5 (3)

This Alphablocks has 'ch' and 'sh' going head to head in the Alphablocks Games!

Alphablocks champ

Time for a break.

Whilst you are having your fruit and milk you can watch this episode of Maddie's Do You Know? What would you like to find out?

Maddie's Do You Know? Traffic Lights and Emergency Lights


Start by ordering your numbercards. How quickly can you do it? Ask a grown up to ask you some quick fire questions such as 'can you hold up the number that is one more than 7?'. They can mix up the questions by using 'less than', 'in between', 'the total of' etc. 

Finish this section by completing some counting. Ask your grown up to drop some coins into a tin or clap their hands. You can count how many and hold up the correct number card. Remember the rules of counting! 

Watch session 4. You can complete the activity by measuring different items around your home.

Growing 6, 7, 8! Week 3 Session 4 Measuring Height

If you haven't had a go on Mathseeds recently, you can log on from the link below.



Sea Turtles TEAMS at 12.30pm.

Starfish TEAMS at 2.40pm.

Watch and listen to this lesson. It will make you think about your favourite places in your community. You then need to draw a simple map of these places. The teacher then shows you how to challenge yourself to label these places. You can then finish by speaking in a sentence to explain which is your favourite place using the sentence starter 'My favourite places are...' .

My Community/Where I Live: To identify my favourite places in my community

For fun, you can have a go at drawing a mouse. This is great for your listening skills and following instructions.

Draw with Rob: Mouse

Thursday's story is What the Ladybird Heard Next by Julia Donaldson.

Wednesday 10th February 2021

Apologies if your tried to meet up for the Starfish TEAMS meeting yesterday. Mr Brewer will have the link open for you to have a chat this morning between 9:10am and 10am...providing his internet connection doesn't fail again!


Today we meet another 'special friend'. This sound is easily confused with 'f'. Make sure that you stick you tongue out between your teeth when practising it! The extra tricky bit with any special friend is spotting them hiding in words such as bath, think and crash.

Speed Sound 'th'

Now have a go at writing this in your blue book. Aim to make each letter the same height and take care not to write 'tn'!

Word Time Reading 1.5 (3)

Turn the volume up and sing along, reading the words as you go.

Alphablocks thing


During your fruit and milk break please watch this episode of Topsy and Tim. This will give you some ideas for your work this afternoon!

Topsy and Tim: Wheely Bags


Watch session 3 which is about ordering the days of the week.

Growing 6, 7, 8! Week 3 Session 3 Days of the Week

Did you watch the story on Monday? Scroll down and have another look. What day is it today? What day is it going to be tomorrow?

In your blue book, put the days of the week in the correct order and draw a picture to show what you do on each day. Try extra hard on your presentation skills.

There is also another days-of-the-week story at the end of today.

Time for some Mathseeds before lunch? Go on, go on, go on.


Lunch. Can you remember what you had for lunch on Monday and Tuesday?

This first lesson of 3 includes the story of a 'Hat for Mr Mountain' by Soojin Kwak. It also asks what community are you part of? It recaps what you might see in your home community and also asks 'who might help you in your home community?' and 'what you can do to help your community?'. It finishes with thinking about where you live and asks you to design a model of your home. You will need to think, plan and build. If you haven't watched the Topsy and Tim episode this morning you would have missed that they made little models of the inside of their home. Perhaps you could do this. Please send in some photos of your work.

My Community/Where I Live: To name important places in my community

A couple of videos you will need to watch with your grown ups that will show you how to connect cardboard and make hinges.

How to connect cardboard

Cardboard hinges

 To finish the day we have a story called Mr Wolf's Week by Colin Hawkins.

 Mr Wolf's Week

Having listened to that story...I wish it was Sunday! What about you?

Tuesday 9th February 2021


Speed Sound 'x'

This is a sound that is quite easy to write, but also easy to make look a bit messy! Try and make yours all the same size. When you have completed this in your blue book move on to practising n, m, r, l, t and h.

Learning to Blend Lesson 21

Get you blue book, pencil and 'Fred fingers' ready again for Word Time Spelling. There are many great examples of this on the class blogs. The Year 1 teachers are amazed at how brilliant you are all doing! Keep it up!

Word Time Spelling 1.5 (2)

To finish off this session watch this episode of Alphablocks. Remember to join in with the blending of sounds.

Alphablocks - Party

Time for a break.

Whilst you are having your fruit and milk have a look at this, it will get you in the mood for your music this afternoon!

Maddie's Do You Know - Piano and Drums


Watch session 2 which is about comparing length. The activity in the video asks you to make snakes using playdough and then compare them using the vocabulary short, shorter, long, longer, shortest, longest, more and fewer. You could compare the lengths of different toy vehicles or how far they travel down a small ramp. How could you record your results? Remember to measure the length using objects that are the same size.

Growing 6, 7, 8! Week 3 Session 2 Comparing Length

Next, count how many big steps it takes you to get from one side of the room to another. Ask your grown up to do the same. Who takes the least amount of steps? Why? How about other members of your family? Can you order them?

If you have some spare time, with a grown up you could find out about different types of whales and how long they all are. If it is not too freezing cold, you could then mark this out on the pavement for your neighbours to see and learn!  

Lunch! Can you compare the length of your spaghetti/bread sticks etc?

Sea Turtles TEAMS is at 12.30pm.

Starfish TEAMS is at 2.40pm.

Tuesday afternoons are music time! 

Mrs Bayley says: 'I hope you are having a really good week so far. I can't believe it is the last week before half term. Well done to everyone who has enjoyed some music online learning this term. How did you get on with your guitar making? Don't forget to keep any instruments you make and bring them into school when you come back. Firstly please enjoy Week 6 of Charanga: Year R, Spring 1, Everyone! This looks back at all the songs we have been learning to sing over the last term. Can you perform any to your family and don't forget to include your instruments you have made? Finally, as it is nearly half term, choose your favourite piece of music, turn it up loud and sing and dance around your house! Have fun! 

Music: Charanga log in page

This is one of my favourite songs from my favourite musical Matilda!'

Matilda - When I grow up

Whilst you are here you may like to listen to this as well!

The Lion King

We have two books for you today, the first one is sung for you by Lenny Henry. 

The second story is called Supertato Run Veggies Run.


Monday 8th February 2021


Speed Sound 'z'

Now practise this sound in your blue book, followed by the sounds c, a, o, d and g. 

This word time reading uses an increasing amount of the sounds we have covered during lockdown. 

Word Time Reading 1.5 (2)

Can you make some words using the sounds you know? How about a word that requires a 'special friend' or has four sounds in it?! Write them in your blue book.

Next a couple of short Alphablocks, remember to join in!

Alphablocks Word Magic

Alphablocks zap

Time for a break.


This is the final week of 'Growing 6, 7, 8!'. Watch and listen to session 1 before completing the task set. You will need your dice and some cubes or Lego etc.

Remember the rules of counting when making your towers. You could place your number cards beside your tower to help you remember how many there are.

The key vocabulary to use includes more, fewer, short, shortest, shorter, tall, tallest and taller. Can you use these words in a sentence to describe your towers?

Growing 6, 7, 8! Week 3 Session 1 Comparing Height

This Numberblocks episode takes this learning further forward by finding the difference.

Numberblocks What's the difference?

To finish make some towers that have repeating patterns. Can you use three colours in your pattern? Can you use just two colours, but with different amounts such as red, red, blue, red, red, blue?

If you have some spare time don't forget you can always show off your knowledge on Reading Eggs or Mathseeds!

Reading Eggs and Mathseeds


Monday afternoon is PE time. We know lots of you are doing lots of exercise, but please, please, please could you also log on to our PE session below. We need to beat the Year 1 and 2's. Logging on will require you to use some Ruby gem power. It will certainly be helping Miss Jones and Mr Brewer! There are more details about the PE provision on the most recent newsletter.

When you have logged in, click on the 'Jungle' circle which is the second one down on the left hand side. Follow the activities through. The children should recognise the song used.

Jasmine PE: Jungle

Now spend a little time on your 'Personal Best' activities. If you didn't record your scores last week then you can update it today, otherwise just keep practising!

We have a bonus story today! The first is called Titch by Pat Hutchins. The second is called Jasper's Beanstalk by Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen. At the end of this story are some questions and extra activities you may like to do!

Titch by Pat Hutchins

Jasper's Beanstalk by Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen

Remote Learning for 1st to 5th February is below

The start of another new week. We hope you have had a great weekend and managed to find time to rest and relax. This week we are starting the small group TEAMS sessions. They will be on a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday each week until further notice. We plan to keep the numbers quite small to allow a greater chance of the children being able to listen and see each other.

If you are coming towards the end of your blue book you can pop into school to collect a new one (it may change colour to purple!). Please give the office a call to arrange collection.

Friday 5th February 2021

Good morning, we hope you have been 'green' all week. One more day before the weekend. Keep trying your best, show your grown ups and teachers just how great at learning you can be! 


Speed Sounds 'w'

We have now reviewed 24 of the Set 1 sounds since Lockdown started. How many can you state at speed? There is a little challenge later. In your blue books, please practise writing these sounds as well, choose a couple you find tricky, a couple that need a little extra boost and a couple that you think are easy peasy. 

Learning to Blend Lesson 20

Now ask your grown ups to make some simple words for you to read using your sound cards. Can you 'Fred in your head'? Gradually build up your speed and confidence.

Now take part in this Word Time Spelling. Use your blue books.

Word Time Spelling 1.5 (1)

Finish this session with this episode of Alphablocks. Make sure you join in reading the words and stating the sounds.

Alphablocks web

Time for a break. Will your cup be nearly full, half full or nearly empty when you receive your drink? What colour fruit will you have?

Below is the next episode of Topsy and Tim, Tim goes to an optometrist. This is yet another person in our community who helps us. Perhaps you could set up your own eye test at home. Can your super eyesight help you read 15 sounds in 30 seconds?

Topsy and Tim Eye Test


Watch session 5 and then play the number track game. Perhaps you can make your number track a little longer. After playing a couple of games, you could agree to some new rules.

Parents, the session models some great questions to ask your child whilst playing the game. Using these types of questions will help extend your child's understanding.

 Growing 6, 7, 8! Week 2 Session 5 Adding more

The step squad keeps adding more as well. I wonder how many will be in the next step squad?!

Numberblocks Step Squads 

What other games do you have where you can add more? Can you make up your own game? 

Lunch! How many different ways can I cook Boc-Boc's fresh eggs?

Whole School Assembly starts at 1.10pm. The link is on the homepage of this website.

This afternoon you have some more time to start or finish off your model fire engine, as shown in yesterday afternoon's lesson. Please remember to send in some photos of you in action, making the model, not just the finished article.

To finish off the week we have Barnaby Bear who is walking on Moel Famau mountain, North Wales when he needs to phone 999 to request mountain rescue. 

Barnaby Bear: Mountain Rescue; Wales part 1 of 2

Barnaby Bear: Mountain Rescue; Wales part 2 of 2

A story with a slight difference.

 We're Going on a Bear Hunt - Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure

Have a great weekend, only one more week of Term 3 to go! 

Thursday 4th February 2021


Speed Sound 'y'

Now practise this sound in your blue book before choosing some other sounds from your pack. Use the phrase sheet if this helps and put a tiny smiley face over the best one!

Word Time Reading 1.5 (1)

Can you make some of your own green word cards? Have a look back in your blue book for some words you could use.

If you would like a challenge have a look at this short lesson. Remember 'you can't Fred a red'.

Red Tricky Words - Challenge

This episode of Alphablocks will challenge you to read at a fast pace. Can you keep up?!

Get your shaker ready!

Alphablocks Fox

Break time.

Watch the next episode of Topsy and Tim whilst you have your fruit and milk.

Topsy and Tim: Coming Home


Watch session 4 and complete the activity set. If you don't have a printer or set of dominoes you could use two dice instead.

Growing 6, 7, 8! Week 2 Session 4 Combining 2 groups

Dust off your number cards. Can you order these from 0 to 10? How quickly can you do it? Jumble them up and pick two cards. Which is greater? Which is smaller? Can you speak in a sentence? Watch this episode of Numberblocks before completing the next challenge.

Numberblocks Blockzilla

Next choose three cards. Place these in order from the smallest to the largest. Can you speak in a sentence using all three numbers? For example, using 2, 5 and 6. 6 is bigger than 2 and 5. 2 is smaller than 5 and 6. 5 is greater than 2, but smaller than 6.


Sea Turtle TEAMS meeting is at 1pm this afternoon.

Starfish TEAMS meeting is at 2.40pm this afternoon.

This afternoon we would like you to watch the lesson on the link below and then, as the lesson will show you, make a fire engine out of junk. You will probably need a couple of afternoons to complete this well, if you are quicker, then perhaps you could make a police car or ambulance as well! We look forward to sharing your photos on the class blogs.

People Who Help Us: Firefighters Lesson 3

The story today is called Everybody has a body! There are some top tips on how to draw the characters towards the end of the video.

Everybody has a body! by Jon Burgerman

Wednesday 3rd February 2021


Speed Sound 'v'

Have a go at writing this sound in your blue book. The challenge will be getting them all the same size and between the lines. Good luck! When you have done that, ask a grown up to say some of the sounds you know - super speedy sounds - you need to write them down quickly, but neatly in your book. Are you sitting up straight? How many can you do in one minute?

Learning to Blend Lesson 19

You will need your blue book again for the next activity.

Word Time Spelling 1.4 (3)

Can you read the words before the Alphablocks?

Alphablocks race

Time for a stretch and a quick run, hop or skip. When you come back get your fruit and milk ready and watch the next episode of Topsy and Tim.

Topsy and Tim: Getting Better


Watch the following session. If you haven't done so already, make a ten frame and complete the activity. Can you 'see' how many are in each group without counting all?

Growing 6, 7, 8! Week 2 Session 3 Combining 2 groups

You could roll your two dice to make two groups such teddies lying down and sitting up. I wonder how many different sized groups you could have?

Finish up by rolling your two dice and doing star jumps and press ups to represent each amount. 

Wash hands ready for lunch!

This week we are going to look at another group of people who help us. You will need some colouring pencils and paper. Watch the lesson in the link below. After we would like you to draw and label a fire engine. There are some top tips in the lesson link.

People Who Help Us: To understand what a firefighter does

Dorset and Wiltshire ALP Fire Engine

The story today is Pass the Jam, Jim.


Tuesday 2nd February 2021


Speed Sound 'j'

Have a go at practising this letter in your blue book. Take care to form this correctly, remember we are not doing 'i'!

Word Time Reading 1.4 (3)

Alphablocks Word Magic

Alphablocks jaybird

Time for a break. When you come back get a drink and snack ready and watch this episode of Topsy and Tim. Topsy is in hospital, but I think Tim needs someone to help him as well. Watch carefully. Who could that be? We will find out later in the week!

Topsy and Tim: Hospital Visit


Watch Session 2 and complete the activity set. Get your coat on and find a bag for your collections. Whilst you are on your walk you could also see what numbers you can spot.

Growing 6, 7, 8! Week 2 Session 2 Making Pairs

Lunch. Make sure you have washed your hands.

This afternoon is music. Log in and start Step 5. Click on the menu on the right hand side and work through it. It starts with listening to 'Conga' by Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine. If your body doesn't start moving to this, you may well be dead!!

Scheme: YR: Spring 1: Everyone! Step 5

Mrs Bayley would like to say well done to all those who made their own shakers. She is very proud of you all! Please put these in a safe place and bring them into school when you come back. It would be lovely to use them in school too!

Challenge: If you have already made a shaker, why not try a drum this time? Click on the link below to help you.


You could even have a go at making a guitar. The link below will help. 


Finally, I don't know about you, but my two children love pancakes and in a few weeks' time it is Pancake Day. Here is a song I thought you might enjoy. Can you sing along too? 

Pancake Song

If you have a spare few minutes this week, here is an additional activity you may enjoy.

Making a time capsule.

A lot can change for children in a year. In this activity, you will make a time capsule to be opened in 12 months' time, to see how different things are compared to today.

You will need: A large jar or plastic container, paper, pens, colouring pencils and anything else you might want to include in the capsule, e.g. a newspaper or photo.

1. Write some things about yourself on a piece of paper. Include information such as names, ages, height, weight, favourite foods, favourite subjects and anything else.

2. Draw around your hand or foot on a piece of paper.

3. Draw a picture of yourself and your family or friends.

4. Fold all the pieces of paper up and put them in the jar.

5. Get some string and a small piece of card. Write the date on it.

6. Attach this to the jar.

7. Find somewhere safe to keep the jar until next year.

Think and talk about:

How much do you think you will grow in a year?

Will your favourite subject and food have changed?

What else could you put in a time capsule if you were leaving it for an even longer time?

The story today is What the Ladybird Heard. There are some questions to think about at the end of the story, along with some activities that you could try out.

Don't forget, Starfish TEAMS is at 2.40pm and the Sea Turtles TEAMS is after school.

Monday 1st February 2021


Speed Sound 'r'

Another letter that is easy to to get wrong. If yours start to look like a 'v', take your time and remember quality rather than quantity.

Learning to Blend Lesson 18

Now watch these two short Alphablocks episodes. You will see how there isn't a 'r-uh' in sight!

Alphablocks red

Alphablocks Word Magic

Finally, get your sound cards out and make some words starting with 'r'. Write these down in your blue book. Aim for at least five words.

Break time!


In your blue books can you practise writing numbers 2, 5, 6 and 8. Can you do 7 of each? As you write them say one two, two twos, three twos, four twos etc.

Please watch the following session. Have a go at the activity explained towards the end.

Growing 6, 7, 8! Week 2 Session 1 Matching 6, 7 and 8

Now have a go at making your own dice. If you could make two, one with numbers and one with dice patterns, that would be great and will be helpful in the future! (Even in PE this afternoon) The link below will show you how to do it. Draw the patterns and write the numbers before you stick it all together.

How to make your own dice

Now check they work. How many rolls does it take you to roll a total of 6, then 7, then 8, using both dice? Which amount took the least rolls, which amount took the greatest amount of rolls?


Sea Turtles TEAMS session at 12.30pm. Miss Jones will send the link.

Starfish TEAMS session at 2.40pm. Use the same link as provided for last week's session.

This afternoon you need to get active again! Hunt out your personal best cards and record your new level. Hopefully you will see that you have improved over the last two weeks!

When you have recorded your new levels, log on to Jasmine and compete the 'Space' theme. There are video guides to show to how to complete the skills. The children will recognise the song 'I jumped aboard a rocket ship' which is sung to the tune of 'When I was one'.

Start with clicking on the 'compass', this will set the scene of the moon adventure. You could then have a quick read through the story, but clicking on the 'skills' link takes you to the individual skills being taught (with video). When you have mastered the skills (at least yellow ones) click on the dice for a little challenge. Finish off by clicking on the 'song' to then put all your skills together in a song and movement routine! (Scroll down to view the video of a class singing and moving to the song).  


Remote Learning for 25th to 29th January 2021 is below 

Welcome back to another week of remote learning. I hope you enjoyed the snow. It was the first time Boc-Boc, Repecca and Yokey had ever seen snow and I am not sure that they liked it! Who do you think came out to play first? What do you think they are saying to each other after the chicken coop door was opened? 



We have a limited number of devices in school that we can lend to children who ONLY have access to the remote learning through a mobile phone. 

If you would like to apply for a device for your child, please email Mrs Newbury deputyhead@westbury-inf.wilts.sch.uk by MONDAY 1st FEBRUARY with your child's name, class and details of how they are accessing the remote learning at present. 

If we receive more applications than we have devices, we will need to prioritise the applications. You will be informed before 5th February if your application has been successful, and will be given details of how to collect the loaned device.

These loaned devices must be looked after well and returned to school in good condition after lockdown please.

Friday 29th January 2021

Have you read the red message above?!


In Read, Write, Inc, two letters that make one sound are known as 'special friends'.

Speed Sound 'sh'

Word Time Spelling 1.4 (2)

Now have a listen to our school song. We would usually sing this in our whole school singing assembly, but Covid has sadly put a stop to this for now. If you listen carefully you will hear at least three words within the song that end in 'sh'. Write them down in your blue book. Then have a go at writing what your wish would be. 

Break time!

Whilst you are having a drink and snack have a look at this. There are some animals you may meet later today along with an animal who is very helpful. There is also a lady in the corner who is helping people. What is she doing? Who is she helping?

My Pet and Me: Sheepdog


Get your toys ready! Click on the link below and watch session 5.

Growing 6, 7, 8! Week 1 Session 5 - 1 more and less

If you have some spare time, now log on to Mathseeds. Your log in details should be in your reading record. If you cannot find it then contact us using the Tawk facility on the home page of this website.


It must be time for some lunch. Remember to wash your hands!


This afternoon you are going to role play being police officers. Have you got your radio ready?

People Who Help Us: Police Lesson 3 of 3

If you need a bit Friday afternoon chill time have a go at drawing and decorating some sheep. You may need to pause the video at times, but this will also be a great activity to see how good you are at following instructions. How inventive can you get?

Draw with Rob: Sheep

To finish the week we have the story of Burglar Bill by Janet and Allan Ahlberg.

Burglar Bill

Thursday 28th January 2021


Speed Sound 'h'

Have a go at writing this sound in your book. If it starts to look like a 'n', slow down, say the phrase. Make sure you go up a little before 'going over his back'.

Learning to Blend Lesson 17

Word Time Reading 1.4 (2)

Alphablocks hen

Time for a break. Then fruit and milk and time for something completely different!

 Melody: New Bell


Watch session 4 and complete the activity. You could have a go at making your own cards, showing different representations of 6, 7 and 8.

Growing 6, 7, 8! Week 1 Session 4 Matching 6, 7 and 8

Numberblocks Five and Friends


Before you get going on the second police lesson, please watch this guide with your grown ups about calling 999. 

This afternoon we are going to identify the key parts of a police officer's uniform. You will need some colouring pens, paper and some junk boxes. Have a look in your recycling box.

People Who Help Us: Police Lesson 2 of 3

Settle down and relax, The Tale of Peter Rabbit is waiting for you today.


Wednesday 27th January 2021


Children, please remind your grown ups that today's sound is 'l', not 'l-uh'.

Speed Sound 'l'

This is quite an easy letter to write. Have a go in your blue book. See if you can make all of them the same size. Then choose some trickier letters that you think you can get better at. Slow and steady, say the phrase if it helps. Otherwise, say the sound lots of times as you complete each letter. 

Word Time Spelling 1.4 (1)

In your blue book, draw a picture of your home or room in your house. Allow some space to label it with at least the initial sound, for example, w for window, ch for chimney etc. How many labels can you write? If you are having a go at writing the whole word, remember to use your 'Fred fingers' first!

Time for a break. Perhaps a quick skip?

Whilst you are having your fruit and milk, find out about newspaper and recycling! What day of the week does your recycling get collected? What materials go in which box/bin?

Maddie's Do You Know? Bin Lorry and Newspaper


In your blue books, practise writing your numbers to 10. Put a small smiley face above the neatest!

 Growing 6, 7, 8! Week 1 Session 3 Composition of 8

Numberblocks eight

If you have some spare time before lunch, please practise your personal best challenges. Remember to count accurately.


This afternoon you are going to be training to become police officers. Watch the lesson below and then start solving some mysteries such as where did Mr Brewer's slice of chocolate cake go?! All brilliant police officers will need to ask great questions. Get a notepad and pencil to write down the answers!

People Who Help Us: Police Lesson 1 of 3

We have another author today to read their story. This time, David McKee reads Elmer. You can easily find Elmer templates online which you may want to print out after listening to the story! 

Tuesday 26th January 2021


Alphablocks Quick Warm Up!

Speed Sound 'e'

This is an important letter to learn to write correctly as it is found in so many words! So, sit up straight, tuck your chair in, feet on the floor or resting on a stool, spare hand on your book and hold your pencil correctly. Have you done all that? Now you are ready!

Learning to Blend Lesson 16

Word Time Reading 1.4 (1)


Watch the Session 2 video and complete the activity. Record your findings in your blue book.

Growing 6, 7, 8! Week 1 Session 2 Sorting 6, 7 and 8 Composition of 7

Numberblocks Seven

Just before you finish, dust off your number cards and order them in double quick time! Close your eyes whilst a grown up places/hides them around the room. If they have hidden them too well, ask them to give you clues as to where they might be (using vocabulary such as 'underneath, on top of, next to, beside' etc). Can you collect them in order or you could shout out what number you have found before finding the next one? For an extra challenge, when you have found a number tell your grown up what it is without saying the number, e.g. 'I have found the number that is one less than 4'.


Tuesday afternoon is music afternoon.

Mrs Bayley would first like you to listen and dance along to My Mum is Amazing. Can you sing along to this as well? Next, complete the replacement activity for Wind the Bobbin Up and sing the song from memory. Sing through the rest of the nursery rhymes. Which is your favourite? Can you perform one to a family member?

Challenge: Who can make their own musical instrument? This challenge was set last week. If you haven't completed it yet, why not have a go? You could use your shakers/instruments when you sing your nursery rhymes! Some guides to help you are below the lesson.

 Scheme: YR: Spring 1: Everyone! Step 4

Shaker making guide

Drum making guide

For fun, you could try this to finish!

Type in 'Body Percussion for kids' into YouTube: here is an example

Our story to end the day is Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers.


Monday 25th January 2021


Speed Sound 'f'

Learning to Blend Lesson 15

Alphablocks Fred

Alphablocks Word Magic

Use your sound cards to make and then write down some words starting with 'f'. When you have made some, next think of words that rhyme with those you have made. Make, then write these down as well, for example, 'fun' and 'sun'.

Time for a break.

Whilst having your fruit and milk watch this bonus story.


Watch the video below and complete the activity described towards to end. You could take photos or draw pictures.

Growing 6, 7, 8! Week 1 Session 1 Which show 6? Composition of 6.

Over the weekend, Boc-Boc, Repecca and Yokey laid six eggs. I have two egg boxes. How many eggs could be in each box? How many different ways can you arrange the eggs? How can you record your answers? What if I had three egg boxes?

 Numberblocks six

It must be lunchtime! If you are having a sandwich, see if you can cut it into 6 equal parts. How many will you have left when you have eaten one?

We start the afternoon with a TEAMS class assembly. 

Starfish Class at 1.10pm. The link for this will be emailed on Monday morning by 11am.

Sea Turtles at 1.25pm. The link has already been emailed to you. If you haven't received this link, please email Miss Jones on the class8 email address.

Remember class rules will apply, so listen to each other and don't interrupt, otherwise it will be chaos!! 

After assembly you need to log on to Real PE. If you need a reminder of your log on details please use the Tawk facility on this website. 

Click on the 'Cat' theme which will take you through some static balances - floor work. Work your way through the categories. When you get to the 'skills' section start with the yellow challenges before having a go at the green challenges.


Last week you recorded your first goes on the 'Personal Best' challenges. This week, keep on practising the different activities and by next week, when you record your scores again, you will see a great improvement! Make sure you complete each activity properly.

Finish the day with this story. It is called The Monkey with a Bright Blue Bottom. It was written by Steve Smallman and here he is ready to read it to you!

Remote Learning for 18th to 22nd January 2021 is below

We hope you have enjoyed looking through the Learning Journeys of your child/ren. If you haven't had time to share these, please find some time to do so. If you haven't received this, please email us on our 'class7' and 'class8' email addresses.

We are looking forward to receiving photos of your completed models. If we could have these by Friday that would be great. There are many photos on the class blogs, including some of the models under construction. They also show a variety of super work that the children have completed. Please have a look. 

Friday 22nd January 2021


Speed Sound 'b'

This is quite a tricky letter to write so have a practise in your blue books. Remember to go up, BEFORE you go 'around the toe', otherwise I will cry! As ever, quality rather than quantity.

Learning to Blend Lesson 14

Get your blue books ready again!

Word Time Spelling 1.3 (4)

Alphablocks bop

Time for a break. 


Get your ingredients ready!

Alive in 5! Week 3 Session 5 Measuring Ingredients

If you would like to make something else that is fine, just make sure you measure the ingredients with care! Remember to send a photo to your class email!


Our whole school 'Storytime' assembly starts at 1.10pm. Who will you see?!

Storytime Assembly

Today, they suggest you make a hospital using a big box, scissors, tape, paint and a brush. I'm sure you can use your teddies, cushions and blankets if you haven't got those resources. 

People who help us: To identify where doctors and nurses work Lesson 3 of 3

Well done for getting to the end of the week! Sit back, relax and watch Zog and the Flying Doctors.

 Zog and the Flying Doctors

Thursday 21st January 2021


Speed Sound 'u'

Learning to Blend Lesson 13

Word Time Reading 1.3 (4)

Get you sound cards out. How many words can you make using today's sound? You may find it easier to use it as your second sound. Write them down in your blue book.

Break time!

Whilst you are having your fruit and milk, watch this episode of Topsy and Tim. 

Topsy and Tim: Chicken Pox


Quick fire! Order your number cards from 0 to 10 and then count to 10 and back. Did you do a personal best?

Now have a go at writing your numbers in your blue book. You can do all the 1's in one colour, all the 2's in another colour and so on. Slow and steady, keep it neat!

Perhaps you could draw the dice pattern for each number as well. I wonder how many ways there are to make 7?

Next, watch the lesson below. You will need a small container. They use an empty matchbox. Ask a grown up for something suitable if you haven't got an empty matchbox.

Alive in 5! Week 3 Session 4 Measuring capacity - how many fit inside?

Finish up with 5 push ups, 10 star jumps and hold a plank for a count of 20!


For this session you will need a notepad or paper, pencil and your teddies or willing parents who may need a sneaky lie down. 

People who help us: Doctors and Nurses Lesson 2 of 3

If you have some spare time after this you could use it to finish off your models, practise your personal best challenges or spend some time on Mathseeds and/or Reading Eggs.



Wednesday 20th January 2021


Speed Sound 'k'

Just like on Monday, practise the sounds covered so far in our remote learning. Use your handwriting phrase sheet if you need to. Try extra hard to see if you can form the letters between the lines or at least make your letters the same size. Good luck!

Learning to Blend Lesson 12

Remember to join in!

Alphablocks Word Magic

Alphablocks 'kick'

Don't press the red button, unless you want a challenge! Some of you may have met our 'red words'. These are words that have a tricky part in them. We say 'you can't Fred a red'. We need to learn these words off by heart.

Red 'tricky' Words Lesson 1

Break time. Can you do 20 star jumps before snack time?!


The key vocabulary today is: small, smallest, large, largest, most and least. Watch Session 3 below. It is there! You will have to scroll down to find it! 

Alive in 5! Week 3 Session 3 Measuring Capacity

After you have completed this activity, remember to do some more counting activities. Have a look at this bonus story, perhaps you can count your teddies and toys. If you want to bake 10 fairy cakes, that would be great as well. Can you ice the numbers on the cakes or make a repeating pattern?  

Lunch time. Hop to the sink and wash your hands.

This afternoon we are going to look at what it means to have a job. You will need your teddies, blue book and some colouring pencils. Remember to speak in sentences when answering the questions in the lesson. There is also some 'my turn, your turn'. The same as we do in Read, Write, Inc. Towards the end of the lesson it will explain the task - your 'time to shine'. This will involve drawing, writing and acting. We look forward to seeing what your dream job is!

People who help us: Doctors and Nurses Lesson 1 of 3

The story today is The Three Billy Goats Gruff. I thought we would have a goat story because I received an email yesterday from Isla, who has a pet goat! The vet visited her and scanned her goat and confirmed that she is expecting a baby! After listening to the story, you could act it out...I'll let you decide who the troll is going to be!

Tuesday 19th January 2021


Speed Sound 'c'

Now have a go at writing 'c' in your blue books. Can you keep it between the lines? This is quite an easy letter to write...but it is also easy to make it look messy, so slow and steady.

Learning to Blend Lesson 11

Word Time Spelling 1.3 (3)

Alphablocks cat

Break time!

Whilst you are having a drink and snack watch Maddie's Do You Know? This week she is in a hospital finding out about blood pressure monitors and casts for broken bones. Do you know anyone who has needed a cast? We trust that you are all being lovely at home, working without any fuss, keeping your bedroom tidy and being kind to any brothers and sisters you may have. This will help keep your parents' blood pressure under control!

Maddie's Do You Know?


The key vocabulary today is: full, empty, nearly full and nearly empty. Watch Session 2 below. When you do the activity, don't make a mess!

Alive in 5! Week 3 Session 2 Full and empty

Time for a good old sing song before lunch. This will get you ready for this afternoon. Feel free to get your number cards out at the same time.

Numberblocks: Ten Green Bottles

Numberblocks: Number songs to 10

Lunch! Is a tin of beans heavier than or lighter than a loaf of bread?

Tuesday afternoon is music time!

Scheme: YR: Spring 1: Everyone! Step 3

You could also practise your skipping. Jumping in time with the music will help you get even better.

To finish the day, here is a story of The Big Sandy World.

Old Jack's Boat: The Big Sandy World

Monday 18th January 2021


Speed Sound 'o'

This is the tenth sound covered in our remote learning. Please can you practise all ten in your blue books. Use the handwriting phrases sheet, don't cut any corners! Quality, not quantity. 

Learning to Blend Lesson 10

Word Time Reading 1.3 (3)

Alphablocks Word Magic

Now get your sound cards out from the ten we have covered. How many words can you make? Write them down in your blue books. Set yourself a challenge, not too easy, not too difficult. When you have reached your goal have a break! 


Start with ordering your number cards. Today we would like you to ask your grown ups some questions to answer. Remember to use full sentences and use some super maths vocabulary such as more, less, fewer and add. Grown ups, we are sure you will not get all the answers correct first time...hopefully the children will be able to explain what you have got wrong.

Alive in 5! Week 3 Session 1 Comparing mass - heavier and lighter than

Find some objects and find out which is heavier and which is the lightest. Are larger objects heavier than smaller objects? Is this always true, sometimes true or never true?

Now a quick blast of mathseeds before lunch.



Monday afternoon is P.E time. 

Please use this time to record how well you are doing with the 'Personal Best' challenges. Ask a grown up to help record your scores. As with the handwriting, no cutting corners. We are expecting to have 60 little six packs when we return to school!

After a little rest, log on to complete our usual lesson from the link below. If you have lost your log on, please use the Tawk helpline on the school website.

EYFS: Themes; Tightrope Week 2

Remote Learning for 11th to 15th January 2021 is below

Over the next few days we will be emailing you a copy of your child's electronic version of their Learning Journey for Terms 1 and 2. A paper copy will be printed out and placed in the back of the Learning Journey book. Please keep a look out for this and allow time for you and your child to discuss the different activities and learning they have completed during the first part of the year. If you have recently changed any of your contact details please inform the school office.

The sounds covered in the remote learning are a recap of the Set 1 sounds we have already taught. When the children can state all these sounds at speed we will move on to the Set 2 sounds. This should happen when we return to school. Set 3 sounds will be taught in Year 1. Below is a little reminder of these sounds, followed by the daily work.

Friday 15th January 2021


How many Set 1 sounds do you know by heart and at speed? Go through your sound cards each day. Take out two or three tricky ones and get a grown up to keep asking you at different parts of the day.

Speed Sound 'g'

Now practise 'g' in your blue book. 'Round her face, down her hair and give her a curl'.

Learning to Blend Lesson 9

Word Time Spelling 1.3 (2)

To finish, have a go at some 'rainbow writing' of your name. Make sure your letters are formed correctly! Write your name out, seven times in seven different colours. If your first name is short or if you find this easy, have a go at your surname as well!


(Heads Up! Next Friday the children will be making 'No Cook Playdough'. The ingredients are flour, salt, cream of tartar, oil/baby lotion and water. You could add some food colouring as well.)

Back to today. Look at the link below. This reinforces the work completed yesterday. 

Alive in 5! Week 2 Session 5 How many are hiding?

Numberblocks Counting Sheep

Now go outside and get some fresh air. Can you find natural items from 1 to 10? For example, 1 pine cone, 2 small stones, 3 brown leaves, 4 twigs etc. If you have some chalk, you could write the numbers below or if you don't, you could make the numbers out of twigs.

Wash your hands. Lunchtime!

The afternoon is again yours to carry on with your models. We trust they are coming on nicely!

This activity can cover a variety of goals including:

  • Speaking: Use talk to organise, sequence and clarify thinking and ideas
  • Understanding: Listens and responds to ideas expressed by others
  • Moving and Handling: Handles tools, objects, construction and malleable materials safely and with increasing control
  • Health and self-care: Shows understanding of the need for safety when tackling new challenges, and considers and manages some risks
  • Self-confidence and awareness: Confident to speak to others about own needs, wants, interests and opinions
  • Shape, space and measure: Uses familiar objects and common shapes to create and recreate patterns and build models
  • The world: They talk about the features of their own immediate environment and how environments might vary from one another
  • Media and materials: Explores what happens when they mix colours
  • Media and materials: Selects appropriate resources and adapts work where necessary
  • Media and materials: Selects tools and techniques needed to shape, assemble and join materials they are using

Please let us know how they are going. We can allow much more time if required!


Thursday 14th January 2021


Speed Sound 'p'

Now get your blue books ready, you know what to do! If you are at an adult size table you will find your handwriting improves by resting your feet on a little stool. If your legs are dangling it will be much trickier. This also applies to using a knife and fork at meal times!

Learning to Blend Lesson 8

Word Time Reading 1.3 (2)

Now go and find six things that start with 'p'. Draw and/or write them in your blue book. Ready, steady, wait for it...GO!

How long did that take?

Alphablocks 'pen'

Break and snack time. Whilst you have your fruit have a look at this episode of Maddie's Do You Know? It is about reflective strips on police cars and firefighter's hoses! She has lots of questions, so listen carefully!

Maddie's Do You Know?


Get your number cards out. Order them. Count to 10 and back. Were you quicker or slower than finding six things starting with the sound 'p'? 

Now mix up the cards, turn them over and choose 3 of them. Next, choose three activities to do such as hops, star jumps, press ups. Now match a card to an activity and count carefully as you do it. Stop when you have completed all three. So if your cards were a 4, 6, 7 you could do 4 hops, then 6 star jumps and 7 press ups!

Which activity took the longest? Which was quickest? Why do you think that? Now repeat with different amounts.

Session 4 of Alive in 5! is below. Listen and watch very carefully. This activity looks quite easy at first, but many children find it rather tricky! You will find it easier if you have your own 'five frame' as shown on the video. This is easily extended, but you then will need to make a ten frame (two rows of five). 

Alive in 5! Week 2 Session 4 How many are hiding?

Lunch! If you are having a sandwich, can you cut it into 3 equal pieces?

The afternoon is yours to carry on with the work set yesterday. Scroll down if you need a reminder!

When you have shown your grown ups just how super you are at tidying up then you can sit down for a story.

Wednesday 13th January 2021


Speed Sound 'n'

Remember to practise writing 'n' in your blue books. The helpful phrase is 'down Nobby, over his net', NOT 'over his net'! Don't take any shortcuts! 

Learning to Blend Lesson 7

Now look at these photos. What can you see? Remember 'Fred talk, write it down'. See if you can make a numbered list.

Time for a break, then fruit and milk.


Alive in 5! Week 2; Session 3, Frogs in 3 groups

When you have completed the above activity, print off pages 5 to 9 or make your own subitising cards. How do you see how many dots there are? Being able to 'see' an amount, without counting them all, is an important skill to develop. Do you see smaller amounts and count on? What patterns do you recognise easily? Can you count these irregular patterns? You could match up the cards that are equal or play a pairs game. 



Numberblocks: The Whole of Me

Time for lunch!

This afternoon we would like the children to think back to the walk you went on last week. Using the photos you took, can you make a simple map of your route? Perhaps you could use your knowledge of sounds to write the initial sound of the places you saw on your map?  While you are doing this have a think about which Westbury landmark you want to make. You can use your photos or use the internet to find a picture of the landmark, to help you add extra detail to your model. This will probably take the rest of the week (possibly longer). Below are a couple of examples from our Year 1 children who had a go last year. As mentioned last week we had buildings from all over Westbury, enough to make our own little model town. Can you improve on this library and train station?


A great story to end the day.

Tuesday 12th January 2021

Speed Sound 'i'

Remember to practise writing 'i' in your blue books. 'Down the body, dot for the head'. Don't rush! Hold your pencil correctly, spare hand on your book, nice and smooth. Five careful goes are much better than ten rushed ones!

Learning to Blend Lesson 6

Word Time Spelling 1.3 (1)

You could ask your parents to give you a few more words to make with your sound cards and write in your blue book.

Alphablocks Word Magic

Break time!


Get your number cards out and order them. Count to 10 and back. Next jumble them up and turn them over. Choose a card and complete an activity such as star jumps, claps, press ups etc that matches the number picked. Count very carefully!

Alive in 5! Week 2; Session 2 How many altogether?

Instead of using buttons and two plates you could use cuddly toys, your own bus and bus stop! Record your findings in your blue books - this could be done by drawing simple pictures.

Numberblocks: Hide and Seek

Give a grown up 5 small objects such as coins. Ask them to hide these objects in their hands. Ask them to show you how many they have in one hand and then surprise them by telling them how many are hidden in the other hand!

Lunch. Wash your hands - can you count to 20 whilst you are doing this?

Tuesday afternoon is music afternoon! 

Scheme: YR: Spring 1: Everyone! Step 2

If you would like some extra singing, click on the link below.

BBC 30 Minute Medley: Nursery Rhymes

To finish the day, here is a story of The Short Sighted Walrus.

Old Jack's Boat: The Short-Sighted Walrus

If you have any story requests, please do email us and we will see what we can do!

Monday 11th January 2021 

 Remember your parents should be able to hear you join in!

Speed Sound 't'

Remember to practise writing 't' in your blue books.

Learning to Blend Lesson 5

Word Time Reading 1.3 (1)

 Alphablocks 'hat'

Time for a quick break before snack time.

Maths time - wake your brain up by ordering your number cards, count from zero to ten and back again before asking your parent to give you some quick fire questions for you to answer just like last week.

Alive in 5! Week 2 Session 1

Now complete the activity set in the video. Record your findings in your blue book.

Now sing along with the number songs. Remember between each song to state the whole sentence 'one more than...is...' before the next number comes up.

Numberblocks Songs 1 to 10

How about a little bit of Mathseeds before lunch. 


Time to wash hands!

The link below will take you to the school newsletter published last Friday. Towards the bottom is a picture from Toy Story. Please read Mrs Newbury's message and talk about the picture using questions suggested.

 Toy Story Picture

Monday afternoon is PE time. You will need your skipping rope, log on and password. 

EYFS: Themes: Tightrope - 2nd down on the left

Please work through the 'Tightrope' section. You may need to scroll down to view the short videos that show the children how to complete each skill.

When you have completed this, take your skipping rope outside and practise your skipping.

As an extra you could listen to this:

Wiggle Waggle Five in the Bed

Our story today is The day the crayons quit. What is your favourite colour? Watch out for the naked crayon! Can you be creative with all the colours as well?

 Remote Learning for 4th to 8th January 2021 is below


First of all, please do not panic! We will set work on a daily basis, but there will be some tasks that can be completed over a much longer period. The children will always have a Read, Write, Inc session followed by a maths session. These happen before and after play each morning. Please also be mindful that the children do not usually have prolonged 1:1 help during a session. If you are working harder than they are, something is going wrong! Last year, some children liked to wear their school jumper whilst completing school work as it put them in 'work mode'. If you think this would help, give it a go! We will ease the children back into the new term, please feel free to use the class emails for any queries. For quicker replies during the school day, please use the chat facility on the school website.


We have set you some work that we expect you to complete, trying your very best. You should be used to the Read, Write, Inc and maths video lessons. We look forward to seeing your work, please ask your parents to email some photos of your work every few days, and we will share these on the class blogs. 

Right, when you have finished your breakfast, click on the boxes underneath the correct date, in the following order.

Friday 8th January 2021

Speed Sound 'd'

Learning to Blend Lesson 4

Word Time Spelling 1.2

Remember you can also log on to Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs

Well done. Now time for a break.

Start this session by watching this episode of Numberblocks. This will remind you of the three rules of counting. Can you explain these rules to your parents?

Numberblocks: How to count

Now choose three of your number cards. Carefully count out that many objects so that it matches. Remember to challenge yourself!

Have a look at lesson 5. Get some teddies and food ready for the activity. Which amounts are harder to share equally? Have a go at recording your first and last go in your blue book. 

Alive in 5! Lesson 5

Lunchtime. Can you cut up your sandwich into equal amounts? Can you estimate how many mouthfuls it will take for you to eat your sandwich?

Please carry on with yesterday afternoon's activity - extend your stories and use some interesting language. Perhaps you can build upon a story you already know such as The Three Little Pigs or The Gingerbread Man.

Now have a go at this yoga story.

Our story today is The Bumblebear. We've got the author of this story to read it to us! Make yourself comfy, smile at your grown ups and see if they bring you a Friday afternoon 'gem' treat like a tasty hot chocolate!

Have a great weekend, stay safe.

Thursday 7th January 2021

Speed Sound 's'

Now practise 's' in your blue book. Make sure you start at the top and 'slither down the snake' the correct way.


Learning to Blend with Rosie and Fred Frog

Now have a look at the photos I have taken. In your blue book, have a go at writing down as many as possible. Remember to use your 'Fred fingers' and 'Fred talk' each word before having a go. Most of these words will have three sounds, although there are a couple that might have more. You may want to use your sound cards and make the word before writing. If you do, remember to slightly overlap the cards as sounds joined together make a word. A bonus point up for grabs if you write two words for the photo in the top right hand corner.

Next, ask your grown up to email a photo of your wonderful writing!

Now a quick song for you to sing.

Alphablocks: The cat sat on the mat

You have already worked hard, give yourself a 'whoop, whoop' and have a break. 


First watch and listen to The Hueys in None the Number  by Oliver Jeffers.

Then watch lesson 3 and play the game. Record your scores in your blue book.

Alive in 5! Lesson 3

Now order your number cards. Can you complete this in less than a minute? Ready, steady, go!

Count from zero to ten and back, touching the correct card as you go.

Your grown ups can then ask you some quick fire questions such as:

Hold up number 4. Hold up the number in between 4 and 2. Hold up two cards that make a total of 5. Hold up one more than 6. Hold up one less than 1.

Remember you can also log on to Mathseeds. It is the same as Reading Eggs.


Finish with a Numberblocks before lunch. What is happening to the Numberblocks? Can you make your own Numberblocks out of Lego and re-enact the story?

Numberblocks: Holes

This afternoon, your two learning objectives are to use language to imagine and recreate roles and experiences in play situations and also to introduce a storyline or narrative into your play. As a starting point you could take on the role of one of the emergency services. Watch this episode of Topsy and Tim for one idea. You could make some emergency vehicles out of Lego or design and make some small puppets of firefighters or paramedics etc to help you tell your story. Have fun but don't end up in hospital, they are a little bit busy at the moment!

Emergency Rescue

The story today is called 'Who Sank the Boat?' 

 Wednesday 6th January 2021

Speed Sound 'a'

Now practise 'a' in your blue book. Don't rush it! Try and make the next one even better than the last.

Next, listen to Rosie. Remember 'my turn, your turn'.

Learning to Blend with Rosie and Fred Frog

After that...

Word Time Reading 1.2

Followed by...

Alphablocks Magic Words 'a'

Remember you can also log on to Reading Eggs. This automatically shows us how long you have been working and what tasks you have completed. You may have some tasks set, otherwise you can carry on at your own pace, which from feedback some of you prefer.

Reading Eggs

Break time! Wash your hands ready for some fruit and milk before maths.

Today is Lesson 2.

Alive in 5! Lesson 2

Next, listen to 'Zero is the leaves on the tree'.

We would now like you to make some number cards of your very own, just like the ones in school. You will need some card (have a look in your recycling), pens and scissors.

Cut out eleven rectangles about 6cm x 4cm. You will need to practise your cutting skills - remember to keep going even if it is tricky. When they are cut out, write on a 0 to 10. Think carefully about how to write each number, slow and steady will help make them neat!

Next, put them in order, with 0 to 5 on the top row with 6 to 10 below the 1 to 5. You can then ask a family member to swap two cards. Can you spot which ones have moved? How do you know? Use a full sentence when explaining how you know.

You could make two sets of number cards and then have a game of pairs!   


Our topic this term is 'Where I live and the people who help us'. 

This afternoon, to tie in with the maths 'zero' work can you take your daily exercise by having a walk/scoot/cycle around Westbury. As you explore, please take some photos of the buildings that you pass. Depending on where you live, you may travel by the church, swimming pool, post office, White Horse, park, fire station, Arla factory, train station, lake, schools, library, shops or even the secret garden! Later we will ask you to make a model of one of these buildings/locations, so in the meantime start collecting some junk that might come in handy. Keep your photos safe so they can help you make your model really detailed.

When you get home can you think about somebody who is special to you? Draw a picture of this person and ask an adult to video you telling us who the person is and why they are special to you whilst holding your drawing. If you can use the word 'because' in your sentence we will be amazed! We look forward to watching you!

A fantastic story to finish the day.

Tuesday 5th January 2021 



Now practice writing 'm' in your blue book. Remember the phrase to help you - 'down Maisie, mountain, mountain'. Also, remember to hold your pencil correctly, sit properly and put your spare hand on your book.

Next, click on this.


Now join in with these.



Have a go at using your sound cards to see if you can make some simple words using 'm'.

Break time!

In maths this week we are learning that zero represents an empty set. We are also beginning to record amounts, including zero.

Start with session 1.


Then a quick Numberblocks.


Now have a go at playing 'Target'. You will need equipment for throwing and rolling games such as skittles, beanbags (a pair of rolled up socks) and buckets. 

Parents: Encourage the children to notice when they knock over zero skittles etc. How could they record their score? How many have they knocked over? How many are left standing? Who has scored more/less? How do you know? Encourage the children to reply in full sentences.

Lunchtime! Remember to wash your hands!

Mrs Bayley has set the Tuesday afternoon music.

You will need your Charanga log in and password. This is stuck inside your reading diary. 

When you have logged on, click on 'scheme'. You will see all the topics we cover in Reception. This term it is 'Spring 1 Everyone'. Click on Lesson 1.

Can you listen, clap, dance to 'We are Family' by Sister Sledge? You could get your parents to video you, showing off your best dance moves! Don't worry about the games track this week. Instead, learn to sing the songs 'Wind the Bobbin Up' and 'If You're Happy and You Know It'. Can you sing the songs in time with the music or even off by heart? Have fun! 

 charanga.com log in

We finish each day with a story. Listen to a favourite story of mine. There are some questions at the end so listen carefully!