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Panda Class Blog (Y1/2)

Welcome to our new blog for 2023-24!  We hope to share all the wonderful things we are learning about in Year 1 and 2.

Image by Lukas W. on Unsplash

Our Class teachers are Mrs S. Bayley (Mon, Tues and alternate Wed) and Mrs E. Kerbey (Wed-Fri).  Our teaching assistant is Mrs D. Airey.

We have indoor PE every Tuesday and outdoor PE every Friday, children need to come to school on both days in their PE kit please.

Y1/2 Curriculum Overview 2023-24 Y1/2 Writing Curriculum 2023-24

School Reading Spine 2023-24 


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  • Friday 1 March 2024 All things practical and creative! We have had a really fun week in Panda class this week with lots of practical activities to keep our learning super interesting. In maths we have been continuing to learn about measuring but where as last week we were thinking about using a ruler to measure in metres and centimetres, this week we have been finding the mass of objects and measuring in grams and kilo grams. Our year 1 children have been learning to compare the mass of different objects and put them in order from the lightest to the heaviest. They have also practiced ordering the mass of 3 objects and using comparative language to say ` The shoe is heavier than the cup but is lighter than the chair'. You have worked so hard year 1. well done, great job! See if you can continue practicing finding the mass of objects at home and say the sentences to your grownup. Year 2 children have been really working hard to apply their skills at using the four operations + - X and divide to solve problems involving the mass of objects.
  • Friday 23 February 2024 Fantastic Swimmers!
  • Friday 9 February 2024 Nurturing Nurses, Reliable Recounts and Magnificent Mathemeticians This week we have finished our topic on Nurturing Nurses, where we recognised the equal importance of Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale. They both played a significant and heroic part in looking after the soldiers during and after the Crimeon War and bringing about changes to the hospitals and treatment of the sick. We are really grateful to all of the parents who were able to come and support our parent event on Tuesday afternoon, where the children were able to share their wonderful learning and create amazing medals to commemorate the work of the Nurturing Nurses.
  • Friday 2 February 2024 Panda's Victorian Visit Panda class have had a fantastic week continuing to learn about Florence Nightingale in History. The Trowbridge Museum came to talk to the children about Florence Nightingale and they enjoyed learning about who she was and why she was so famous. Why don’t you ask your child to tell you something they have learnt so far? I bet they will have lots to tell you. We have also learnt about another famous person called Mary Seacole and how she made her own medicines.
  • Friday 26 January 2024 Panda's Florence Nightingale Panda class have been working really hard this week. We have started our new History topic on Florence Nightingale and the children have really enjoyed learning about what hospital conditions used to be like and how Florence Nightingale changed them into cleaner and more hygenic places. The children also enjoyed being nurses themselves and practiced their skills using bandages.
  • Friday 19 January 2024 Awesome Algorithms and Diligent Dividers We have had another busy week in Panda Class and the children are really applying all of their wonderful learning to their work. Today we have had lots of fun thinking about how we need to give and follow instructions in order to create algorithms. We used the Bee-bots to help us put this to the test. Panda class worked thoughtfully together to ensure everyone had a turn and had lots of fun creating and following algorithms.
  • Friday 12 January 2024 Stories with a twist, Materials that will twist and a new twist to understanding numbers! Stories with a twist, Materials that will twist and a new twist to understanding numbers!
  • Thursday 14 December 2023 Fantastic Panda's I have been so proud of the Panda Class this week. They have given two fantastic performances of The Sleepy Shepherd in front of big audiences! They all sang so beautifully and performed so well. They should all be very proud of themselves.
  • Thursday 14 December 2023 Fantastic Panda's I have been so proud of the Panda Class this week. They have given two fantastic performances of The Sleepy Shepherd in front of big audiences! They all sang so beautifully and performed so well. They should all be very proud of themselves.
  • Friday 8 December 2023 Hollywood Hopefuls! The excitement is building for our performances next week. The children have been working really hard to remember their parts in our Christmas nativity play and have been practicing their angelic singing too. Thank you to everyone who remembered to bring in a costume for our dress rehearsal on Thursday. It really helped to prepare the children for their blockbuster debut next week.
  • Friday 1 December 2023 What a busy week in Panda Class The Pandas have worked so hard this week. In English we have been learning about non chronological reports and thinking about the features you would find. The Panda's have been writing their own non chronological report on Penguins this week, with a title, sub headings, facts, a text box and illustrations as well.
  • Friday 24 November 2023 Awesome Aquarium This week in Panda Class we finished our learning in science about what animals and humans need to survive. We completed our topic with an awesome visit to the Aquarium in Bristol today. We saw lots of amazing sea creatures that swam over us, next to us and under us; from Bull husk Sharks and Black Breams to Spiny Lobsters, Flat Fish, Common Sunstars and Sea Urchins to name just a few. There were tiny poisonous dart frogs, all different colours, to others that were so well camouflaged, they were really tricky to spot. We enjoyed seeing the Flat fish being fed and observing the graceful seahorses gently floating thorough the water. There we so many wonderful creatures to see, it was tricky getting pictures of them all. See how many of them you can spot and name. Maybe you could try and make a fact file about them using a head, sub headings to practice what we have been learning about in our English lessons this week. Maybe you could find out a WOW! fact about some of the creatures and a
  • Saturday 18 November 2023 Eager Explorers and Interested Investigators The weeks are passing by very quickly but equally the amount of fantastic learning your children are doing and the rapid progress some are making is outstanding. Well done Panda Class for trying your best.
  • Friday 10 November 2023 Pandas- Week 2 The panda class have all worked really hard this week.
  • Friday 3 November 2023 Fabulous photographers and reflective wreath creations Welcome back Panda Class. You have dived right into your learning this week with a fantastic attitude to learning and a willingness to attempt new skills. We have enjoyed learning from the text " Where the Poppies now Grow" by Hilary Robinson and Martin Impey. It has helped us to think about the importance of Remembrance Day, how we celebrate it and why people wear poppies to mark the occasion. The children all worked collaboratively to create a class wreath and also created some wonderful posters.
  • Wednesday 18 October 2023 Well Done Panda Class! Wow- What a term it has been! The Panda's have worked so hard. We have enjoyed learning about Habitats and Minibeasts with a school trip to Westonbirt Arboretum. The children have learnt about a new artist called Alexander Calder and designed and created their very own sculptures. We have loved reading the story Lila and the Story of Rain and the children have all written diary entries this week.
  • Friday 13 October 2023 Collaborative Creations and Successfully sequencing Story tellers This week we have continued to create our wonderful mobile sculptures by first forming a real or abstract leaf designs individually, which we have then join together and worked collaboratively to create a beautiful class mobile. The children have really enjoyed creating unique pieces and showed perseverance when trying to attach their leaves to the mobile.
  • Friday 6 October 2023 Amazing Abstract Artists and Super Sculptures. What an amazing week we have had in panda class. We began the week with a super trip to Westonbirt Arboretum where we enjoyed looking for mini beasts. Then we were really fortunate to take part in a glass making workshop and work with a local artist who helped the children to create some wonderful creatures. Once they have been fussed together we are hoping to make them into a class mobile. They look amazing and the children should be really proud of what they have achieved.
  • Friday 29 September 2023 Pandas - week 4
  • Friday 22 September 2023 Pootastic! Science and Mighty Maths This week Panda class have been observing closely who lives here and why. We have been looking at the different animals that live in habitats and microhabitats and noticing how they can adapt to where they live. Sometimes they can make themselves camouflaged in order to protect themselves from predators. Next we have been learning about identifying animals and sorting them according to what they eat. We had lots of fun looking at (PRETEND) animal poo! and finding out if we can tell if they were a herbivore, carnivore or an omnivore.
  • Friday 15 September 2023 The Perfect Panda's. It has been another fantastic week in Panda Class. The children are working really hard at remembering their class rules and working very hard at their work as well.
  • Friday 8 September 2023 Polite, Perceptive Pandas What a fantastic week of learning we have had this week. Well done Panda class for coping with all of the changes that have taken place this year. You have listened well, behaved beautifully, worked diligently and had lots of fun learning about your new class animal. In maths we have been going over some of our learning from last year, counting to 10 for our year 1s and counting numbers to 100 for our year 2's. We have started a new story called Bog Baby in English and did some lovely descriptive writing about it today. Yesterday we visited the school library and have each chosen a book to bring home for our grown up to read to us at bed time. Please look after the books and enjoy reading them together but remember to bring them back to school by next Thursday when we will visit the library again and can change the books for a new ones. I'm sure you are all ready for a well earned rest this weekend and hopefully it will be a little cooler when we return on Monday. Take a look at some o

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