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Fireflies Blog (Y2)

Welcome to our new blog!  We hope to share all the wonderful things we are learning about in Y2.

Image by theKmag from Pixabay 

Our Class teachers are Mrs Rockey and Mrs Channon.  Our teaching assistant is Miss Jelliffe.

Y2 Curriculum Map 2021-22

If this bubble has to self-isolate or we have to go into a school lockdown, click the orange button below to access the appropriate remote learning. 

Remote Learning - Y2

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  • Monday 24 January 2022 Reading books Could we please ask you to have a really good check at home for any of the home Book Bag Books that your children have been bringing home since September. We are finding that we have lots of books that have not been brought back. As you know the home reading books are matched exactly to what your child is reading in their RWI sessions in school. If your child has not brought their book back to school it means that another child cannot have the book they need. Thank you so much for your support with this.
  • Wednesday 12 January 2022 Wednesday 12th January Welcome back everyone and a Happy New Year to you all!!
  • Friday 17 December 2021 Friday 17th December The Children have had a lovely day celebrating Christmas today. We made party crowns this morning which we wore to our Christmas lunch then we took part in lots of fun party games. The children enjoyed working in teams to pass the ball over and under our heads. They also liked sleep wizard and some acting games. All the children took part and a few even won prizes.
  • Wednesday 15 December 2021 Board Game Fun! This afternoon, we enjoyed some board game fun. We played Twister, Pop Up Pirates, Frustration, Pairs and some of us even persevered to do a tricky puzzle with many pieces! It was wonderful to see the children sharing, turn taking and laughing together.
  • Wednesday 15 December 2021 E-Books (Georgia O'Keeffe) Today, we used the iPads to present information about Georgia O'Keeffe in a multi-media way. We decided to make an e-book using the 'Book Creator' app. We experimented with adding text, images and sound clips. We were able to resize the font and we experiented with the layout of the text. We also added special features, such as page borders and background colours.
  • Wednesday 15 December 2021 Mini Sports Leaders We were very excited today because Mrs Rockeypresented us with our 'sports leaders' T-Shirts, which were gifted to us by Mr Widger wholed a PE workshop for us.In the workshop, welearnt how important it is to engage in 60 minutes of PE/ sports every day in order to remain fit and healthy. We also discovered how we can support younger children to create games, which will in turn increase their fitness.
  • Friday 10 December 2021 10th December The children had the most memorable visit to the theatre today to watch a magical performance of Snow White and the Happy Ever After Beauty Salon. There was laughter, fun, dancing and excitement and by the end everyone was up dancing and clapping along. We are all now in a truly Christmassy mood. We were also amazed with the set direction, costumes and music which has hopefully inspired some of the children and shown the different side of a performance to just the actors.
  • Tuesday 30 November 2021 Colour Mixing Today, we continued to be artists in the style of Georgia O'Keeffe. We practised using powder paint to make marks in our sketch books, experimenting with different brush strokes and techniques. First, we used the primary paint colours (red, yellow and blue) and then we mixed the primary colours to make different secondary colours, such as green and purple. Take a look at us in action!
  • Monday 29 November 2021 Georgia O'Keeffe Today we started our bran new art unit of work about Georgie O'Keeffe. We looked at some of her pieces andwere very inspired by her artwork. Wefound out that Georgia loved to draw and paint natural objects, including stones, bones, shells, leaves and flowers. She tended to 'zoom in' on the details of the objects and her artwork was always large scale.
  • Friday 26 November 2021 Friday 26th November We have had great fun finding out about the different weather patterns in the UK and further afield. We had the challenge of thinking about the equator and the continents and how the weather is different in the different areas. We then drew the equator onto a balloon and stuck on the continents in the correct places. The children did really well and thought carefully about the position they were putting the continents. We learnt a song to help us remember all the names. I wonder if they could sing it to you at home?
  • Friday 19 November 2021 Friday 19th November Children in need.
  • Tuesday 16 November 2021 Dance Lesson This week, Firefly Class enjoyed awonderful dance session led by two fantastic coaches from 'Real PE'. The children pratcised making large and small movements with their bodies. They worked with a partner to link sequences of movement together to create a short dance to music. The children were rewarded for their cooperative social skills as they worked together. Here are some photographs of us in action:
  • Sunday 14 November 2021 Miss Joyce This week, Firefly Class have enjoyed working with Miss Joyce in class. For those of you who are not aware, Miss Joyce is a trainee teacher from Bath Spa University who will be with us until the end of January. This week, Miss Joyce taught the whole class for several sessions, including Maths and Science. She helped the children look closely at their cress experiment to discover how much the plants had grown and changed in their different environments.
  • Friday 5 November 2021 Friday 5th November What an amazing trip we had yesterday! I can not say how proud I was of all the children! The had an amazing time climbing and swinging through the trees. They challenged themselves and listened well to the instructions given by the team. The faces on the children when they completed different sections was lovely to see. They all supported each other and the encouragement was wonderful to see.
  • Friday 15 October 2021 Haynes Motor Museum The children have had a wonderful time exploring the motor museum today. They saw Karl Benz first car and some children were lucky enough to sit on it. It was very high!! We also saw the Model T that Henry Ford built and were surprised how big it was in real life. The children worked together to make toy cars on a production line and learnt that it was much quicker when you had specific jobs to do and work as part of a team. We made 10 toy cars in 3 minutes and 16 seconds. The staff at the museum were very impressed.
  • Thursday 7 October 2021 Mini Leaders with Mr Widger On Tuesday afternoon we were lucky enough to have a visitor in Firefly Class. We welcomed Mr Widger, a sports leader from Kingdown Secondary School. Mr Widger led a workshoptohelp the childrenunderstand the importance of playing games. He also encouraged the children to think about how playing gamesand sports in school actually makes them feel. The children talked about physical feelings, such as hot and sweaty- as well as feelings linked to their emotions, such as happy, excited and relaxed. The children shared their thoughts and ideas through pictures and words in their special workbook, provided by Mr Widger.
  • Sunday 3 October 2021 Changing Materials This week, the children have been exploring some of the different properties of materials. They have been finding out whether materials can bend, squash, twist or stretch.
  • Tuesday 28 September 2021 Welcome back Rosie Rainbow We had a very lovely visitor in Firefly Class today....Rosie Rainbow, our school dog! The children have not seen her since the summer, so they were very excited to see her. Rosie loved being back in school today and was very well behaved around the building. She joined us in class this afternoon for music (glockienspiel fun) and computing. We think she enjoyed our music making the most and in fact fell asleep during the performance, so we must have relaxed her with our tones!
  • Tuesday 28 September 2021 Materials hunt This week, the children have started their new Science topic all about.......materials. We thought about what materials are and where we can find them. The children had fantastic ideas about naturally occurring materials and those made in factories. The children enjoyed some "Learning outside the classroom" and went on a materials hunt around the school grounds. They started to consider why certain materials are used for certain jobs anddescribed theirdifferent properties using excellent scientific vocabulary. We talked about why some materials would be hopeless for certain purposes. For example, you would not want a raincoat made out of paper or a window pane made from wood!
  • Thursday 16 September 2021 Circus Skills Today we were lucky enough to have Phill from the circus come and teach us some new skills. We had a lovely assembly where we demonstrated his skills and showed us what we could have a go at later. We all had a go at spinning a plate and the children were amazed with themselves that they could do it. We then balanced Peacock feathers on our hands, chin and head, that was tricky!! Some of us then went on to walk the tight rope, juggle with scarfs and walk on stilts. We had a lovely time and all tried something new.
  • Thursday 16 September 2021 Beach trip We had an amazing trip to the seaside on Friday. The children were all well behaved and only started asking if we were nearly there right towards the end of the journey. Once we arrived we had lots of fun building sand castles and mermaid tails. Jumping in the waves, writing messages in the sand and having a wonderful time. We enjoyed our picnic on the sand and then we went for a walk along the pier. We all had a wonderful time.
  • Wednesday 15 September 2021 Meet the Teacher/ Oxford Owl links for parents It was so lovely to see so many parents at today's Meet the Teacher session. Thank you for coming along and finding out a little bit more about life in Year 2. If you could not make it today, please do not worry as you should have received a letter with all of the important highlights on. If for any reason this has not made its way home to you with your child, please find a copy here below:
  • Wednesday 15 September 2021 BANG!- An old classic jaguar. The Year 2 children have hada wondeful start to their topic about the history of cars with a very special visit! Mr Simon very kindly brought his vintage 1995 classic jaguar into school for the children to see. They were fanscinated by some of the differences between his car and more modern cars today and were able to look inside the engine and talk about all of the different parts. This was an invaluable opportunity for the children. It is one thing looking at pictures of older cars, but to actually see one up close was amazing.
  • Friday 10 September 2021 Friday 10th September- Welcome! What a fantastic week we have had in Firefly Class! We have absolutely enjoyed getting to know all of the children and they have settled in so well to the new class routines. It has also been great to be able to come together as a whole school community again and we have enjoyed some assemblies and playtimes with our friends in the other classes.

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