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Glow Worm's Blog (Y1)

Welcome to our new blog!  We hope to share all the wonderful things we are learning about in Y1.

 "Glow worm" by timo_w2s is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Our Class teacher is Miss K. McMillan and Mrs M. Watts on alternate Wednesdays.  Our teaching assistants are Ms F. Hillier and Mrs A. Clay.

Y1 Curriculum Map 2022-23

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  • Saturday 22 July 2023 Final blog post of the year for Glow Worms WOW! What a year it has been and what a final full week!
  • Friday 14 July 2023 The Great Fire of London for Glow Worms The children certainly found it interesting to see the playground become filled with water, from the heavy rain, as the day went on. We hope the weather will be better for Tuesday and fingers crossed Sports Day goes ahead.
  • Friday 7 July 2023 Pictograms and PE for Glow Worms We started this week by continuing to learn about data in computing. We discussed what a pictogram was and the children used a picture of a zoo to collect data and represent it in a pictogram using the Ipads.
  • Friday 30 June 2023 Races and Transition for Glow Worms This week was one full of excitement and nerves, as the children had their transition afternoons in their new classes. It was great to hear about all of the lovely activities they did and how much they are looking forward to September.
  • Friday 23 June 2023 Lacock Trip for Glow Worms This week, we started our new topic of The Great Fire of London!
  • Friday 16 June 2023 Materials and Colour Run for Glow Worms! What a sunny week it has been! The children have coped well with the heat and were fantastic doing their Colour Run. They all looked very colourful and enjoyed running around the Trim Trail! Please see the photos below.
  • Friday 9 June 2023 New Term and New Topic for Glow Worms! Wow- what a busy first week of term 6!
  • Friday 26 May 2023 A busy last week for Glow Worms! This was a very busy week for us in Glow Worm Class.
  • Friday 19 May 2023 Westbury Walk for Glow Worms This week, we have been working hard in geography to recognise human and physical features. We went on our walk around Westbury on Wednesday afternoon, the children had a map and we followed the route to spot different places around the town. It was quite tricky to work out where we were but the children did a great job of drawing a symbol to show what places we arrived at. The children were very tired at the end of the walk so they were rewarded with a little play in the park, which was our last stop.
  • Friday 12 May 2023 Maps and Maths for Glow Worms This week was another short week for us with the Bank Holiday Monday but we still completed lots of learning!
  • Friday 5 May 2023 Coronation celebration for Glow Worms! This week was a very short one but was enjoyed by all.
  • Friday 28 April 2023 Maths and Matravers for Glow Worms This week has been full of great learning for Glow Worm class.
  • Friday 21 April 2023 New Term for Glow Worms We hope everyone had a lovely Easter break. The children have shared lots of fun things they did over the two weeks!
  • Friday 24 March 2023 Flowers and Mass for Glow Worms This week has been very practical for Glow Worm class.
  • Friday 17 March 2023 Plants and Trip Day for Glow Worms! This week, we had our trip to Warminster Park. The children loved the train journey and were very excited to get on it. When we arrived at the park, we did a scavenger hunt where we looked for the tallest tree, some bark, a spiky plant, trees with and without leaves and a smooth leaf. Then, we met with a park ranger to scatter some wild flower seeds, each child had a chance to cover the soil before it was raked over. The flower beds will certainly look beautiful in the summer! The children had lunch in the bandstand before having a play in the park. Finally, we had a walk around the park for the tree hunt. We definitely had lots of walking to do but the children did amazingly well and did the school proud.
  • Friday 10 March 2023 Snow Day and Final Art for Glow Worms This week, the children have been busy completing their art topic all about Georgia O'Keeffe. They used their observational skills to draw flowers, including lots of detail, and then used powder paints to bring colour to their artwork. The children used different sized brushes, for thin and thick lines, and used their mixing skills to find the right colours. They did an amazing job (as you can see).
  • Friday 3 March 2023 Painting, Jumping and World Book Day for Glow Worms This week, the children became expert painters. As part of out art topic, the children learned how to use the powder paints and then they explored what the primary colours are and mixed them to find what colours could be made. Then, they looked at how Georgia O'Keeffe used her observational skills to create her artwork. The children used a view finder to recreate parts of her art. Finally, the children investigated how different paint brushes have different thickness. We used this knowledge and our painting and observational skills to draw and paint our own flowers. They turned out amazing!
  • Friday 24 February 2023 New term and new topic for Glow Worms! This week we welcomed Glow Worm class back for term 4!
  • Monday 13 February 2023 Ice Cream and Bubbles for Glow Worms! What a fantastic end to the term! This week has been full of hard work, fun and smiles.
  • Friday 3 February 2023 Great week for Glow Worms The children have really enjoyed continuing our DT topic. They have really grown in independence to measure and add ingredients, and this week each child had a go at cutting using the bridging technique and made more treats from the next two countries- soda bread from Northern Ireland and leek and cheese muffins from Wales. We definitely had mixed views about how they tasted. We look forward to showing you the children's cooking skills at the parent event.
  • Friday 27 January 2023 Cooking and Dancing with Glow Worms Glow Worm class have been busy this week.
  • Sunday 22 January 2023 Irish Dancing for Glow Worms This week, we completed our Geography unit of learning all about the UK and its countries. On Monday, the children had an Irish dancing workshop, we were really impressed with how well they all joined in and we even got to see other classes perform too! The children learned about Northern Ireland and Wales this week. They made an advertising poster in teams to encourage people to visit Wales. The posters turned out amazing.
  • Friday 13 January 2023 Happy New Year Glow Worms!
  • Friday 16 December 2022 Christmas time for Glow Worm class What an amazing, excitment filled week. We really got into the Christmas spirit with lots of writing and arts and crafts.
  • Friday 2 December 2022 Busy week for Glow Worms This week has been a busy one for Glow Worms!
  • Friday 25 November 2022 New topic for Glow Worms! This week, has seen the start of our new topic in DT. The children have been fully immersing themselves into the activities. We have learned about different types of mechanisms: levers, sliders and hinges, and made some of our own to find out how they moved. The children then explored a range of objects to see what type of mechanism they used, before making a moving character for themselves. Finally, they tested different materials to see which one would be best for a Christmas card. What busy afternoons they have had!
  • Friday 18 November 2022 Great Glow Worms! Glow Worm class have had a great week of learning. They have been historians, mathematicians, writers, readers and artists. It has been amazing to see!
  • Friday 11 November 2022 Ship ahoy! What a fantastic day we had yesterday at the SS Great Britain in Bristol. The children said they had the best day ever! They shared their learning and spoke about Isambard Kingdom Brunel all day long. Their behaviour was a credit to the school, and they all left with big smiles on their faces.
  • Friday 4 November 2022 Friday 4th November 2022! Welcome back Glow Worms!
  • Saturday 22 October 2022 Glowing Glow Worms! Wow, what a super half term we have had!
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